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March 9th–17th

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Role Descriptions

Could someone please link to a page that shows the holders of these posts for the current year? Thanks. Steve Holden.

Please fill in the blanks. Roles appear alphabetically.

Audio/Visual Coordinator

  • Create list of what AV equipment needs to be where when.
  • Get bids from AV companies, negotiate price.
  • Be the contact between PyCon staff and AV staff at the conference.

Badge Coordinator

  • What the badge looks like
  • what data is needed to create it

Board Games Event Coordinator

A Board Games event will be held in the evenings as social event. This event is more of an open space than other structured events such as the Labs.

  • Generate board games event wiki and PyCon documentation
  • Guide event attendance
  • Post pertinent information at the event.

Border Collie

Watches for and alerts us of strays.
General nipping at heels.

Collab Editing Coordinator

Will promote audience use of a collaborative editor (probably in sessions.

  • Links from schedule?
  • Greasemonkey to auto-save every n minutes?
  • Signage in room? Simple logical pattern to shared-document names?
  • Download demo video local?
  • Pre-create user accounts based on registration?

Communications Coordinator

  • manage inquiries on the pycon at python dot org mailing list.
  • forward questions to the proper staff members.
  • ensure questions and problems are followed up on and a proper timely response is made.

Feedback/Survey Coordinator

need a description

Financial Aid Coordinator

  • publicizing the financial aid process by sending emails, writing a blog post or two.
  • coordinating the application process which uses an online form.
  • monitor the mailing list and handle any questions, issues, etc.
  • evaluate the applications and allocate available aid
  • notify applicants
  • manage room sharing for financial aid recipients
  • track receipts and payment of aid

Food Coordinator

The food coordinator deals with the hotel's food service and/or an intermediary like CTE to decide on the menu service for the conference. Even if the food coordinator doesn't live near the conference site it would be helpful to have a local helper to help iron out last-minute wrinkles.

Graphics Coordinator

need description

International Travel Coordinator

Helps international attendees to PyCon organise travel to the US -- sends invitation letters, answers questions about visas, etc.

Invited Speakers Coordinator

need description

Keynote Coordinator

need description

Keynote Speakers

Lightning Talks Coordinator

  • Gather lightning talks (the day before, usually).
  • Moderate the lightning talks.
  • Be a stickler about the 5-minute time limit!

Local Coordinators

The local coordinators help deal with all of the on-site and last minute details that only boots on the ground can really solve -- this often includes coordinating with the Meeting Planning Staff and handling things outside of their purview. Examples include shopping for all needs such as consumables (markers, notepads, pens, pencils, paper, toner, etc.) and any other equipment needed. This/these person/persons should arrive on-site at least a day or two before any conference activities begin.

Meeting Planning Services

We have contracted with Conference Technology Enhancements Inc. (CTE) to negotiate & coordinate with the hotel, and to handle much of the "uninteresting" conference logistics.

Network Coordinator

  • Network architecture for the conference.
  • Equipment selection, testing, purchase, configuration, and deployment.
  • Responsible for getting wireless access points deployed.
  • Router/NAT proxy.
  • Monitoring of APs for availability during conference, tracking down failed APs.
  • Monitoring of network.
  • Getting and connecting to upstream bandwidth.
  • Debugging of peoples problems during the event.
  • Documentation (via the Wiki) of client configuration and status during the event.

Open Space Coordinator

  • Keeping the bulletin board readable during the conference.
  • In the morning, posting a list next to each open space room of
    what's going on that day.
  • Maybe booking some open space slots before the conference via e-mail.
  • Possibly making an announcement before each keynote of some of the
    day's open space events. (Or the chair can do it in his keynote

Photography Coordinator

The photography coordinator is the central point of contact for issues related to still images. The coordinator should insure that all events are appropriately photographed and documented. In addition, the coordinator should be submitting a final set of full resolution images is stored and made available as needed to PyCon as well as preserved properly going forward.

The photography coordinator should also make sure that PyCon attendees are made aware of social networking opportunities to share their images via flickr or other services.

It is absolutely critical, that additional interested photographers become involved in the effort.

One of the goals of this year's PyCon is that portraits be taken of both individuals and teams so that the Python community will be better able to put names with faces. A small studio will be setup for at least part of PyCon for doing portraits and help will be needed (again!) in identifying folks who should be photographed and getting them to the studio.

Poster Session Coordinator

The poster session coordinator organizes the poster session from start to finish, coordinating with the PyCon organizing committee and CTE. Key functions include:

  • Issue poster CFP at same time as talks CFP
  • Handle questions from submitters
  • encourage publicity
  • approve reasonable posters and notify presenters
  • plan layout of posters in hall
  • coordinate with CTE for number poster boards
  • help prepare copy for program guide
  • work on recording session - photos, video, web record

Power Coordinator

  • Before the show, create a plan:
    • figure out where the power strips will be and how they will get power.
    • determine how much power will be needed at the outlets provided by the venue.
    • what PyCon volunteers are allowed to do and what the venue staff must do.
    • how many extension cords, how long.
    • how much tape will be needed.
  • Get the plan approved by the venue: work with Meeting Planner and AV.
  • At the show: get help from Volunteer Coordinator and execute the plan.

Prize Coordinators

Works with Sponsorship Coordinator to secure prizes for an electronic drawing like a virtual door prize. Prepares and manages the technology and the actual contest itself, prepares the prizes for distribution in the Expo Hall at the drawing/giveaway time, tracks the winners and their prizes, promotes the appropriate sponsor for each drawing.

Program Committee

The primary role of program committee members is to review the talk proposals. Each proposal is assigned to a minimum or 3 reviewers, but more reviews are always welcome (and desired). Reviewing includes asking authors for clarification when needed, (initially) private discussions with other reviewers and then providing a brief written review and vote +/- 1 or 0 for each talk assigned.

Finally, committee members are asked to champion proposals that they've voted +1 during the final decision process which has been a lengthy meeting via IRC.

This process is both demanding of the volunteers and yet critical for the most visible content at PyCon. Active members of the PyCon organizers AND the Python community at large are strongly encouraged to get involved. The more reviewers, the better!

Program Committee Chair

PSF Conference Coordinator

The PSF Conference Coordinator provides general support to the `PyCon Chair`_ as well as performing a variety of functions for the PSF itself, including support of other Python-related conferences.

This is a paid position of the Python Software Foundation.

PSF Treasurer

  • Manages Google Checkout Console.
  • Processes mail-in and PayFlow Registration in conjunction with Registration Desk Manager.
  • Processes refunds using Google Checkout, notifies pycon-reg.
  • Disburses expense reimbursement funds and tutorial hororaria when documentation is received.
  • Processes tax reporting required by tutorial honoraria and other PyCon-paid income.
  • Creates and maintains codes which track financial aspects of registrations and donations.
  • Acknowledges donations made during registration.
  • Processes accounting transactions associated with PyCon.
  • Reports on final PyCon results.
  • Audits PyCon tracking on-line spreadsheet.

Publicity Coordinator

- Write and send press 2-3 press releases - Organize production and distribution of a publicity kit: blog badges, flyers, etc. - Send notices to relevant mailing lists - Encourage blogging & social networking about PyCon - Post event to event calendars, etc. - Arrange for attendance, interviews, articles by tech reporters

PyCon 2010 Chair

Coordinates everybody else. Keeps the big picture in mind. Acts as main point of contact for the meeting planners & venue. Recruits and delegates. Chief cook & bottle-washer.

Python Lab Coordinator

A "Python Lab" where problems are announced to the group, people work on them for an hour, and then a couple of the best or interesting solutions are presented as a brief code walkthru. Something like an interactive "Python Cookbook" session, to show how the same problem might be solved differently by people at different skill levels.

  • Recruit and organize the proctors and problem writers
  • Plan the problems w/ doctests to be given. Make sure to have interesting sample solutions which have their own trade off issues to be discussed.
  • MC the event, welcoming people, giving instructions, help to form balanced groups and
    directing proctors. Keep discussions going and on track.

Python Language Summit Coordinator

Organizes the Python Language Summit.

Registration Desk Manager

Manages the registration process, coordinates the registration desk staffers, calms the hordes of attendees, and provides information.

Registration Desk Staffers

Staffers man the registration desk during the busiest times, distributing badges to attendees and answering questions.

Registration Manager

NOTE: This role is primarily being fullfilled by CTE for PyCon-2011.

Before the conference:

  • Knows the registration system well, and fixes any issues that arise.
  • Answers e-mail from registrants ("my credit card didn't work."
    "I want to cancel my registration/add a tutorial/change my
    tutorials/have a question")
  • Coordinates with the PSF Treasurer
    (Kurt Kaiser) on charges, refunds, etc.
  • Creates registrations for special cases (press, keynote speakers,
    funded attendees, etc.)
  • Ensures that the registration desk has the necessary supplies.

At the conference:

  • Deals with on-site registrations, special needs, and exceptions.

Software Coordinator

  • Oversee software packages used for management of the conference.
  • Manage the integration and development of custom solutions.

Sponsorship Coordinator


  • Develop a sponsorship plan for the conference and associated materials, primarily a prospectus and Exhibitor Guide.
  • Reach out to companies encouraging them to sponsor PyCon. Make sure that our planning includes and recognizes the people and companies who use Python to build great stuff.
  • Follow through with getting all the necessary information and contributions from sponsors.
  • Provide a single point of contact for sponsoring organizations; route problems to the correct people so they can be solved.
  • Keep good records of sponsorship activity so that accounts can be maintained.

Expo Hall:

  • Plan the Expo Hall space layout; work with CTE and hotel to assign spots.
  • Coordinate the shipping of sponsor materials for the Expo Hall and for sponsor banners.
  • Oversee the setup, operation, and teardown of the Expo Hall.

Program Guide:

  • Collect information about the venue, city, tutorials, talks, and sponsor materials.
  • Work with layout and printing specialists to oversee the production and printing of the program guide.

Sprint Coordinator


  • Put out a call for sprinters.
  • Gather sprint groups, leaders, and descriptions of each sprints for the web site.
  • Put together sprint tutorial

At conference:

  • Run the sprint tutorial Sunday after the conference proper closes.
  • Match sprints to rooms.
  • Assist sprinters with whatever they need.

Tote bag and Giveaway Coordinator

Tutorial Coordinator


  • Get the word out (Call for Proposals). Post to the Python lists (general, dev, tutor, announce, SIGs, etc.) as well as specialty lists (Django, TurboGears, wxPython, PyQt, etc.) letting people know that proposals are being accepted. When you post, make sure you include:
    • The tutorial date (mention it is separate from the general conference)
    • Tutors are paid (verify the amount before you post it!)
    • The submission deadline.
    • The handout deadline.
    • Include a link to the submission page.
  • Decide which tutorials to present (get help as required from PyCon chair, program committee members, etc.).
  • Send accept & decline notices by email.
  • Notify instructors that IRS forms are required.
  • Follow-up with instructors on handouts.
  • Collect handout PDFs and duplicate them in sufficient numbers.

On Tutorial Day (or ideally, the evening before):

  • Label rooms
  • Check A/V equipment: present, works
  • Distribute laser pointers to each instructor.
  • Obtain audio release form from each instructor.
  • Distribute class handouts.

Video Recording coordinator


  • What gets recorded
  • what it is
  • what is its disposition.

VM Summit Coordinator

Organizes the VM Summit.

Volunteer Coordinator

Post volunteer needs, signups, and facilitate descriptions of roles. Go to the community to encourage volunteers to fill empty positions.


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