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PyCon 2011 Atlanta

March 9th–17th

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PyCon 2011 Board Game Social


Open Spaces room(s). Check the Open Space board for Friday location.


The PyCon board game social has been a successful outlet for an on-site social activity by offering engaging games for social and intellectual interaction.

Look for the room in the Open Spaces area. Tutorial and Sprint nights may be held in another space.

Help by:

  • Spreading the word
  • Bringing games
  • Having fun playing games


I'll be bringing…

  • Agricola – @wolever, conference + sprints
  • Carcassonne - Jake Rothenbuhler @jrothenbuhler, tutorials and conference
  • Puerto Rico - William McVey @wam
  • Phoenecia - William McVey
  • (Loony Labs) Pyramids (incl. WW5 board, Martian Coasters) - William McVey
  • Pandemic + On the Brink - DeanG (goodmansond gmail)
  • Dominion (+Intrigue, enough for 2 decks) - DeanG
  • Archeology - DeanG
  • Word on the Street - DeanG
  • Acquarius - DeanG
  • Mr. Jack Pocket - DeanG
  • San Juan - DeanG

I'd like to play…

  • Dominion
  • Puerto Rico
  • Agricola - DeanG, like to learn

Organization, Questions, etc…

See the Convore channel:

Also leave a note here


Played in the past:

  • Dominion -Very popular at PyCon 2009, and 2010, a turn based card game, 30 minutes
  • Settlers of Catan - Well known popular German board game Sounds like a few folks bringing, and looking to play electronicly
  • Fluxx - Monty Python Fluxx - Popular dynamic and conversation game
  • San Juan - Light version of Peurto Rico board game, easily learned bringing, DeanG
  • Chess - Requested staple, noted when absent in 2008
  • Standard Poker card deck(s) - Covers known card games

Potential based on past interest or some past plays:

  • Blokus - Multi-shaped Tile laying strategy game. A few plays in 2008 and 2009. (A pain to travel with)
  • Scrabble- Known staple
  • Pandemic - 45 minute cooperative resource management and set collection game
  • Power Grid - Played once in 2008 and twice in 2009
  • Go - Ancient Strategy game, Glider structure known for usage in the hacker symbol ($$?)
  • Cribbage board -
  • Aquarius - Light tile laying card game bringing, DeanG
  • Munchkin - Well known RPG parody think this is coming
  • Carcassone - Popular tile building city game


Some people are are leaving the game in the room for others to play in their absence, at their own risk.

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