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PyCon 2011 Atlanta

March 9th–17th

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Massively Scaling Django with Playdoh


Playdoh is a rapid development template for web applications based on Django.

Playdoh is the result of months of Django-based web app development at Mozilla and solves common problems that each (or most) of these projects had to solve to get from a clean Django instance to something deployable. Our biggest concerns were scaling to support Mozilla's massive traffic (fast templates, caching, etc), localization for everything, and bullet proof security.

At the open space we'll introduce Playdoh and the exact problems it's solving, where it comes from and what lies ahead. Then let's hear your ideas and talk about how we can get the most use out of it for the Django and Python community at large.

If there's interest maybe we can also hack on some open issues

Add your name to the list below if you'd like to join us!


Friday March 11th, 6:00pm


Open Space Room C (right to the left of the "Open Spaces" board, on the exhibit level)


  • Fred Wenzel
  • Kumar McMillan
  • Paul Osman
  • William McVey
  • James Pacileo
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