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March 9th–17th

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Scientific Computing BOF


Anyone who wants to talk about scientific computing. Please add your name below so we have some idea how many people are interested.

  • Craig Finch
  • Miguel de Val-Borro
  • Mike Müller
  • Yung-Yu Chen
  • William Scullin
  • Jeff Daily
  • Ian Johnson
  • Gökhan Sever


Please suggest topics here. I am volunteering to moderate, but I don't have any specific agenda in mind. Some ideas to get us started:

  • Parallel computing with MPI
  • Parallel computing with Global Arrays
  • Scientific data analysis
  • Scientific visualization
  • Status of Sage
  • Mixed-language programming (f2py, Weave, Boost, Cython, etc)
  • Talk about the upcoming SciPy conference

Point of interest: Peter Wang is starting a session on visualization. I plan to attend. See the Open Spaces schedule board for more info.


Saturday, 3-4PM I plan to attend the Enthought reception on Friday at 6:30PM, so please come by and introduce yourself.

Does anyone want to go out for dinner after the Enthought deal on Friday night?


Hanover A

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