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PyCon 2011 Atlanta

March 9th–17th

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GPU Computing

GPU computing provides unique challenges and extreme power, reaching well over a teraflop on relatively inexpensive and ubiquitous desktop supercomputers. Several tools exist to make this power available to python programmers.

Open Space Time

Saturday 8:00 pm - Hanover B


Ken Seehart

Mike Graham

Yung-Yu Chen

Ian Johnson (enjalot)

Olivier Grisel (ogrisel)

Interests/Topic suggestions

General discussion about GPU computing using python.

Review of Roy Hyunjin Han's talk: Introduction to Parallel Computing on an NVIDIA GPU using PyCUDA

Share experiences of various GPU packages and tools, such as PyCUDA, PyGPU, Copperhead, PyStream, and others.

Consideration of yet another python cuda wrapper, cuda_ct, which Ken Seehart plans to unveil at a poster session: GPU computing and the Next Generation Air Transportation System

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