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March 9th–17th

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pyjamas is a python to javascript compiler (similar to how Google Web Toolkit compiles Java code to Javascript) which can ease the burden of writing rich Javascript user experiences. It also has the capability of building a full fledged GUI desktop app from the same UI code written in python.

I'm not affiliated with the project at all, but I'm very interested in learning it while here. Hopefully someone who has used the tool/library is here and can help give some instruction during the BOF.

Add your name to the list below if you'd like to join us. Please indicate whether you knowledgeable with the tool, or whether you're looking to learn.


Saturday night perhaps? A lot will depend on if we find someone who actually knows the package to help teach, and what their schedule looks like.




  • William McVey (very interested in learning, but no hands on experience with it (yet))
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