Tutorials: Knowledge graph data modelling with TerminusDB

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For whom is your Workshop

Data scientists, engineers and researchers who have no prior experience in knowledge graph data modelling. In this workshop, we will start from the fundamentals - learning how to think in terms of triples to describe relations of different data objects. If your work involves data analysis, data management, data collaboration or anything data-related, this is a workshop for you to have a brand new insight into how data should be represented and stored.

Short Format of your Workshop

Overview-10 min, Lecture - 60 mins, Breaks- 20 minutes, Hands-on training - 80 mins, Closing - 10 mins

What Attendees will Learn

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to think like a knowledge graph expert and construct a proper schema to store your data in a knowledge graph format. You will acquire the skills that you need to build knowledge graphs in TerminusDB - an open-source graph database that enables revisional control and collaborations.

Course Benefits

You will have learnt a new skill set that may assist you in your project in data science or research. You will have a new tool that you can better model your data and collaborate with others. Also, you gain all the prerequisites to use WOQL - a query language for knowledge graphs and the TerminusDB Python client to manage, manipulate and visualize data in your knowledge graph.