Tutorials: Python under the hood: What so special about Python Objects?

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Become a stronger and more confident Python programmer by learning the fundamentals of Python objects.

If you've ever asked:

  • Why do I have to pass a string in the function len(string) as an argumnet, when if I want to convert the string to upper case I use string.upper()?
  • With a pandas dataframe why do I sometimes need brackets for example df.describe() as apposed to df.shape?
  • What do people really mean when they say "everything in Python is an object?"

Then this tutorial is for you!

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to build Python objects from scratch, leverage the magic of Python dunder methods (double underscore, like __len__) and extend existing classes to add functionality. These skills will expand your understanding of Python objects (and afterall, everything in Python is an object) so that you become more confident in writing Python programs.

Please note: this tutorial will not cover:
- Advanced object oriented principles
- Object oriented design patterns