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PyCon 2011 Atlanta

March 9th–17th

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Python at the server - jBart in the browser

jBart is a jQuery based toolkit specializing in building dynamic, interactive, rich UI (smart tables, forms, picklists, smart filters, calculatoros, interactive search boxes, interactive charts, and more).

In order to have a better UI, UI logic should run on the client. Instead of using server side web frameworks, use python for server logic and DB, and use jBart for the UI logic at the client side.

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Topic ideas

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  • jBart Demos
  • jBart python integration discussions


Friday 18:00 Hanover F Saturday 17:00 Hanover C

Who is coming?

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  • Shai Ben-Yehuda
  • William McVey (I'm very interested, but attendance will depend on the time slice picked (please don't go against the TiP openspace))
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