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March 9th–17th

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Open Space Overview

Proposed Open Space Events

Open Space sessions are not officially scheduled until the conference, when they are placed upon the Open Space board. We do, however, have some perennial favorite Open Space events that reappear from year to year. This page will help attendees get a "coming attractions" look at what some of the other attendees are thinking about.

To add a proposed event, simply add it to the table below, placing a name for the event in the left column titled "Open Space Event" and your name in the right column titled "Convener". This allows people to try and find you for more information on the proposed event. Additionally, you may create a subpage to explain a bit more about what you would like to talk about. Be sure to make the event name here link to the subpage you create. There are a few examples in the list.

Open Space Event Convener
Testing BOF Terry Peppers
Scientific Computing BOF Craig Finch
Security BOF Geremy Condra
Edu-Sig (Python in Education) BOF Vern Ceder
MongoDB and NoSQL Q&A Meghan Gill
A Quiet Stevening In Steve Holden
Python in Journalism Christopher Groskopf
Exploiting Parallelism - The Art of the Possible vs The Art of the Feasible Minesh B. Amin
Introduction to the OpenStack Project Ed Leafe
import human #what's writing got to do with code? Yarko Tymciurak
Wingware Python IDE: Learn, ask questions, meet the developers Stephan Deibel and John Ehresman
Python in Music Jonathan Marmor
Python at the server - jBart in the browser Shai Ben-Yehuda
App Engine fireside chat members of the Google App Engineering team, forum and expert developers (moderated by Wesley Chun)
Finding Your Way Around The Zope Community Jeff Rush
GPU Computing Ken Seehart
IronPython Jeff Hardy
Opscode Chef BOF Seth Chisamore and Noah Kantrowitz
Django BOF Keith Bussell
Playdoh - Mozilla's Django-based rapid development template Fred Wenzel, Kumar McMillan
Pylons/Pyramid Chris McDonough
Boardgame Social Various, @ponderings
Future of virtualenv and pip Carl Meyer, Jannis Leidel, Brian Rosner, Ian Bicking, Jakub Vysoky
pyjamas William McVey (looking for someone who actually knows it to lead it though)
Twisted Some Twisted Folks
Python deployment and hosting Nate Aune, Shimon Rura and others
Superboard! Come see the Superboard cloud in action. Plus ZeroMQ, Redis, and 6502 assembler.
Visualization & Python Come and chat with others doing visualization with Python - Peter Wang (@pwang)
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