Staff Information

This page lists the primary points of contact for PyCon 2012. This does not list all of the volunteers, without whom PyCon would not be possible.

Contact Name/Email Contact Phone
PyCon Chair Jesse Noller +1 (978) 212-9863
PyCon Co-Chair Yannick Gingras +1 (650) 518-6306
Publicity Coordinator Brian Curtin +1 (630) 364-0250
Event Coordinator Ewa Jodlowska
Immediate Past Chair / Startup Row Van Lindberg
Tech Lead Douglas Napoleone +1 (774) 644-0049
Tech Co-Lead Noah Kantrowtitz
Program Committee Chair Jacob Kaplan-Moss +1 (785) 766-2474
Program Committee Co-Chair Tim Lesher +1 (724) 272-5564
Program Committee Too many to list!
Tutorials Chair Stuart Williams
Tutorials Co-Chair
Posters Chair Vern Ceder
Poster Co-Chair Zac Miller
Financial Aid Chair Peter Kropf
Financial Aid Co-Chair Gloria W. Jacobs
Session Staff Chair Douglas Napoleone
Session Staff Co-Chair Mathieu Leduc-Hamel +1 (514) 569-2911
Open Spaces Coordinators Peter Kropf, Terry Peppers
Sprint Coordinators Dan Callahan, Rami Chowdhury
Volunteer Coordinator Yarko Tymciurak +1 (847) 668-8985
International Travel Coordinator
(email me about visas)
Rami Chowdhury +44 7581 430517
Lightning Talks Coordinator Noah Kantrowtiz
Web Development Summit Coordinators Michael Ryabushkin, Chris McDonough
Python Language Summit Coordinator Michael Foord
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