PyCon Extreme Talks

Most talks spend the first 15-20 minutes going over introductory material -- what something is, who the presenters are are, etc. There's a lot of repeated information, and a lot of wasted time.

Enter the Extreme track.

"Extreme PyCon" will be a series of advanced talks with very specific requirements:

  • They must be technical in nature. "State of" and other meta talks will not be allowed into the "Extreme" track.
  • You should spend a maximum of 5 minutes (and preferably less) "setting the stage". Best to just dive right in.
  • Talks should focus on a single subject, e.g. "threads" or "twisted".
  • You should avoid introduction material – assume that if you're talking about Django, your audience knows what MVC and web frameworks are.
  • The deeper, the better. If you have examples of previous deep-dive technical talks you have done in the past, please include that information in your proposal.

Please Note: Even if your talk is not accepted for an "Extreme" talk, you may be accepted into the regular conference talk.

If you have questions about the "Extreme" track, please contact the PyCon Program committee (, or its chairs, Jacob Kaplan-Moss ( and Tim Lesher (

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