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Room Sharing in SunnyVale

Do you want to share a room at the venue (Hyatt Regency Santa Clara) or another hotel with other attendees? List yourself on this wiki page (click the edit button to the upper right, after logging in), along with:

  • how many other people you want to share with,
  • what nights you'll be there,
  • whether you've already reserved a room, and
  • any other requirements (e.g. male/female, smoking/non-smoking).

Note: If any of your roommates will be arriving separately, be sure to list their names on the reservation as having permission to check in and get a key to your shared room from the front desk by showing photo ID.

When reserving your room, be sure to specify the type and number of beds! Some rooms only have a single king size bed; not ideal for platonic room sharing. Cots may be available, but they are not very comfortable.

Caution: Room sharing arrangements are the responsibilities of the individual parties involved. The Python Software Foundation and PyCon Staff takes no responsibility, and cannot get involved in any disputes.

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I Already Have A Room Reservation

If you have a room reservation and you're looking for a roommate to share costs, list your info here:

Dates Hotel Contact Information & Sharing Specifics
Feb 18-Feb 20;
3 room nights
Regency Imacontact Person
1 roommate, Non-smoking, 2 double beds
Sun, Mar 17 -
Wed, Mar 20;
4 room nights
Hyatt Regency Steve Piercy
1 roommate, Non-smoking, 2 double beds
Mar 14-Mar 18 (4 room nights) Marriott Satshabad Khalsa
2 double beds non-smoker male student from Cal Poly Pomona
Mar 13 - Mar 17; 4 Nights Ramada Inn David Chandler, First PyCon, retired physics teacher, DOS era Pascal programmer moving to Python, non-smoker
Mar 17 - Mar 19; 2 Nights (1st two sprint days) Marriott Juan Catalano, @catalane, male dev, non-smoking, 2 beds, 1 roomate
Sunday, March 17 - March 22, 2013 ; 5 Night(s) Ramada Inn Adwait Sharma, Learner - Geek - Blogger - Open Source Software Developer - Chocolate Lover
Apr 1 - Apr 25; 25 nights North fair Oaks Aprtment, non-smoker

I'm Looking For A Room

If you're looking to share a room (but you haven't made a reservation yet), list your info here:

Dates Contact Information & Sharing Specifics
Feb 18-Feb 20 (example); 3 room nights your name
Mar 14-Mar17 (3 room night) Jason Wirth Fun, laid back guy, this is my first PyCon
Thu Mar 14-Sun Mar 17; 3 room nights Tavis Rudd @tavisrudd, Non-Smoker
Mar 14 - Mar 17, 3 nights Sean Berry
Mar 15; 1 night Nam Nguyen, non smoker, just one night for the 5K run on next Saturday morning
Mar 13 - Mar 21 ; 8 Nights Konark K Modi Non Smoker
Mar 15 - Mar 16 ; 2 Nights Erik Navarro Student
Mar 10 - Mar 21, 11 Nights Awal Alhassan, music producer, Non smoker
Mar 13 - Mar 22; 10 Nights Darie Petrov, Student, Non smoker
Mar 14 - Mar 21; 6 Nights Portia Burton, Nonsmoker, likes cake and Python
Mar 16 - Mar 21; 7 Nights Patrick Canfield (pzatrick), Non-smoker, runner, hablo español
Mar 13 - Mar 17; 4 Nights Henrique Bastos, Non-smoker
Mar 15 - Mar 21; 6 Nights Sayat Satybald, Student, runner, Non-smoker
Mar 12 - Mar 21; 10 Nights Kushal Das, Non-smoker
Mar 13 - Mar 18; 6 Nights Harry Percival, First PyCon US, first trip to Silicon Valley, excited!
Mar 15 - Mar 17; 3 Nights Shu Zong Chen, Second PyCon, non-smoker, flexible with nights (could do 15-16), web-dev professional
Mar 12 - Mar 17; 5 Nights Christian Abrajan, @chrisfortis, First PyCon, runner.
Mar 15 - Mar 17; 2 Nights Dilshod (DT), Non-smoker, First PyCon, very excited.