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Applied Parallel Computing with Python

Applied Parallel Computing with Python

Minesh B Amin, Ian Ozsvald

ESSENTIAL - you must install the VirtualBox that is linked below. This is required for the tutorial. You should arrive at the tutorial with the VirtualBox pre-installed. No time is available in the tutorial if you have not installed this (but you're welcome to buddy-up with someone who has it installed - we'll make sure this happens if you don't have the image).

For Applied Parallel Computing with Python.

It is essential that you install the VirtualBox that we provide, it is a 2GB download (it expands to 7GB on your hard-disk) and it contains all the essential packages for our tutorial.

You can find the download and install instructions on Ian's blog here: Tutorial Notes for Applied Parallel Computing (with VirtualBox)

2 simple ways to help us

  1. When you have downloaded the VirtualBox torrent, leave it to seed for as long as you can.
  2. Bring a copy of the zip on a memory stick/portable hard drive. This way your neighbours can borrow the stick if something goes wrong (this would be SUPER HELPFUL, you just need a memory stick with 2.2GB of spare space)