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Publicizing PyCon

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The more Pythonistas (and Pythonistas-to-be) we gather, the more we can do for the Python community and the better PyCon is. We depend on the Python community to get the word out and make sure people know how fun and useful the conference is! Here are just some of the ways you can help.

  • Talk, blog, and tweet about PyCon
  • If you have a blog, add PyCon blog badges to it (coming soon)
  • Spread the news to mailing lists you're on whose members may be interested. Consider not just Python-specific lists, but other lists that Python users or on. (Just be careful not to spam - make sure it's a list where conference announcements are OK!)
  • Likewise, spread the news to user groups you belong to.

PyCon badges are updated year to year, so keep an eye on the PyCon Blog and the Organizer's Mailing list for information on how to correctly include the PyCon badge on your posts.

Also, be aware of the Press Information and News.