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Welcoming (Un)committee

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The Welcoming (Un)committee provides a welcoming experience for newbies of all kinds to PyCon. If you are new to:

  • PyCon
  • public speaking
  • presenting at PyCon
  • Santa Clara
  • other

then the Welcoming (Un)committee may be of service to you.

Welcoming (Un)committee members may be identified by pink ribbons on their conference badges.

Read about PyCon 2013.


Have a quick look at the Schedule of Volunteering Events!

Tutorial Preparation

  • 6:30-8:00PM, Tuesday and Wednesday March 12-13
  • Open Spaces area

Welcome (Un)committee members will help with installations for your Tutorials. We will help attendees install a proper python development environment, download and install required packages and files, and how to avoid common newbie mistakes. Common issues include using the default Macintosh python installation (not recommended) and how to use virtualenv.

Sign up here to prepare one (or more) of the installations, so you can help others. Follow the guidelines to prepare a USB installation, complete one of the installations based on the Notes from an Instructor, then put your name down to help people on Tutorial Preparation nights.

Note: Since we may not have network on Tuesday (and possibly Wednesday), prepare the packages for installation from a USB.

Tutorial Hosts & Hostesses / Tutorial Troubleshooting

  • Wednesday and Thursday March 13-14
  • Tutorials Area

Being Welcoming means being good hosts to fellow conference attendees! From 20 minutes before, through 20 minutes after the start of Tutorial sessions, Welcome members will help make sure people are in the right tutorial, help with printed handouts, and be ready to give any more help as needed. See the onsite volunteer page for more details.

After ushering in people to their Tutorials, Welcome (Un)committee members will be available to troubleshoot issues as they arise. If you'd like to help, sign up on the Tutorial Assistant's page.

Newbie Nights

  • Thursday and Friday March 14-15
  • Open space area

Newbie Nights will be Open Space sessions to welcome all newbies of all kinds. Check the board in the Open Spaces area for times.

Did we miss anything?

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Join the Welcome (Un)committee

The Welcoming (Un)committee is a sub-committee of the PyCon Organizers group. Anyone who wants to own any part of Welcoming may participate. If you like helping, being a good host, and are comfortable saying "I don't know - let's find someone who does!" then you're our kind of people!

The "(Un)committee" (it's something of a joke name, since it does not meet or vote) is loosely made up of the following people, possibly plus unnamed others. Please add yourself if you wish to help. Also, be sure to sign up to the organizer's mailing list.

  • SteveHolden
  • PeterKropf
  • Yarko Tymciurak (@yarkot,
  • Lydia Pierce (@liddy_pierce,
  • Rami Chowdhury (@necaris,
  • Gloria W (@gloriajw,