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Thursday 5:15 p.m.–6:45 p.m.

Python Google Developer Sessions

Wesley Chun


Are you a Google Developer? This set of talks is made for you! We’ve organized 3 half-hour sessions for PyCon attendees who are currently or interested in creating applications using Google technologies. The first talk is all about securing your app and the latest with authorizing data access using OAuth2. The second one covers Google API’s Discovery Service, which allows users to access to our RESTful services in a consistent way. Finally, you may have lots of questions for Googlers... this is your chance to ask anything you won’t. There’s no guarantee we can answer everything but we’ll give it a try!!

  1. State of the Identity Art from a Google PoV
  2. Discovery and Python: The Future of APIs
  3. Ask a Google Engineer Anything


  1. State of the Identity Art from a Google PoV:

    • We have consensus that passwords aren't scaling well with the Internet, and particular with the ubiquity of mobile devices. There has been a procession of standards that are supposed to fix it, which have generally offered a horrible Developer Experience (DX) and have had poor adoption. Google is making a big bet on OAuth2 and are working especially hard on that DX thing. We’ll summarize, with a Python focus, what works right now and what we’re working on.
    • Speakers Bios: ALI AFSHAR is a Developer Programs Engineer at Google working on the Google Drive SDK. As an eternal open source advocate, he contributes to a number of open source applications and is the author of the PIDA Python IDE. Once an intensive care physician, he has a special interest in all aspects of technology for healthcare. ADAM EIJDENBERG is a Product Manager on the Google Cloud Platform team.
  2. Discovery and Python: The Future of APIs:

    • Writing your own APIs is a pain, but a necessary one when writing applications that need to talk to diverse clients. We'll share a simple way to specify APIs and use existing Python tools to interact with them. By using a Discovery document, APIs can be built on the same infrastructure powering Google's API stack.

    By creating Discovery documents with logical inclusion of subresources and specifications for data schema, authentication and authorization, and API methods, strongly typed clients can be built to consume any Discovery-based API in a uniform fashion.

    • What is a Discovery document?

      • Resources and API Resource Objects
      • API Method Specifications
      • Data Schema for API Requests
      • Application Specific Logic
      • Building an API
      • Business Logic + Decorators == Great Success
      • Making updates
      • Powering the Python Discovery library
      • Nested API Resources
      • Creating Resource classes dynamically
      • Consuming custom data schemas
    • Speaker Bio: DANNY HERMES is a Developer Programs Engineer at Google working on the App Engine team. He is kind of a nut: a sports nut, a Python nut, and a problem-solving nut. Prior to Google, he graduated from the University of Michigan with BS degrees in Mathematics and Economics (seriously, not BS-ing you). Born and bred a midwestern boy, he can't get enough California sunshine.

  3. Ask a Google Engineer Anything

    • This is your chance to ask a Google engineer any question you can think of (that doesn’t mean we’ll be able to answer it however, but we’ll give it a shot)!

      First done at OSCON 2010, we thought this session was extremely useful in helping developers work better with Googlers and Google technologies as well as be able answer any technical questions that they might have in-mind. So, for half-hour, we’ll corral as many Googlers as we can get attending PyCon to participate in this Q&A session.

      Moderator Bio: +WESLEY CHUN, MSCS, is author of Prentice Hall's bestselling Core Python book series (, the Python Fundamentals companion video lectures, co-author of Python Web Development with Django (, and has written for Linux Journal, CNET, and InformIT. In addition to being a software architect and Developer Advocate at Google, he runs CyberWeb (, a consultancy specializing in Python education & engineering. Wesley has over 25 years of programming, teaching, and writing experience, including more than a decade of Python. While at Yahoo!, Wesley helped create Yahoo!Mail using Python. He holds degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Music from the University of California."