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Paul Everitt

Paul Everitt

Paul Everitt is a partner in Agendaless Consulting, providing high-end services for web applications in Plone, Zope, and Python. He specializes in project management for large, complex content management deployments, particularly in the non-profit sector. Paul co-founded Agendaless after four years in France while starting and running a non-profit business partner network for Plone and Zope.

In 1993, Rob Page and Paul Everitt co-founded Digital Creations, the creators of the first open source application server. Paul served in a number of positions, including Vice President of Products and CEO. During his tenure, Paul helped transition Zope from a proprietary application server to a leading open source solution, including 3 rounds of venture capital in excess of $14M.

Prior to Zope Corporation, Paul was an officer in the United State Navy. He was in charge of software offerings within a department focused on business use of Internet technology. Oriented on services and efficiency, the department became financially self-sustainable. In the process, Paul launched in 1993 as one of the first thousand public websites in the world.


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