PyCon Pittsburgh. April 15-23, 2020.

Python Language Summit


Python Language Summit 2020

The Python Language Summit is an event for the developers of Python implementations (CPython, PyPy, Jython, and so on) to share information, discuss our shared problems, and — hopefully — solve them.

These issues might be related to the language itself, the standard library, the development process, status of Python 3.9 (or plans for 3.10), the documentation, packaging, the website, et cetera. The Summit focuses on discussions and consensus-seeking, more than on merely presentations.

Code of Conduct

PyCon’s Code of Conduct applies and will be enforced.

Schedule Day 1 (April 15, 2020 8 AM - 12 PM PDT)

Timezone table

08:00 AM Welcome, Introductions, Guidelines

08:30 AM: All strings become f-strings, Eric V. Smith

9:00 AM: short break (15 minutes)

9:15 AM: Replacing CPython’s parser with a PEG-based parser, Pablo Galindo, Lysandros Nikolaou, Guido van Rossum

9:45 AM: long break (30 minutes)

10:15 AM: A formal specification for the (C)Python virtual machine, Mark Shannon

10:45 AM: short break (15 minutes)

11:00 AM: HPy: a future-proof way of extending Python?, Antonio Cuni

11:30 AM: CPython Documentation: The Next 5 Years, Carol Willing, Ned Batchelder

12 PM: End of Day 1. See you tomorrow!

Schedule Day 2 (April 16, 2020 4 PM - 8 PM PDT)

Timezone table

04:00 PM Welcome back, Re-introductions, Remind Guidelines

04:15 PM: Lightning talks (pre-selected)

4:30 PM: The path forward for typing, Guido van Rossum

5:00 PM: short break (15 minutes)

5:15 PM: Property-Based Testing for Python builtins and the standard library, Zac Hatfield-Dodds

5:45 PM: long break (30 minutes)

6:15 PM: Core Workflow updates, Mariatta

6:45 PM: short break (15 minutes)

7:00 PM: CPython on Mobile platforms, Russell Keith-Magee

7:30 PM Lighting talks/ sign-up during the summit

8:00 PM: We’re done! Thank you!

Pre-selected Lightning Talks

Questions? Comments?

If you have any questions, the Core Development section of our Discourse instance is the best place to ask. For private/sensitive communication, write to mariatta at python dot org and/or lukasz at python dot org


Thank you to our Language Summit sponsors