PyCon Pittsburgh. April 15-23, 2020.

PyCon 2020 Startup Row Participants

Startup Row is where early-stage companies are able to show off what they’re doing with Python at PyCon US. These companies have applied and been selected to be part of PyCon 2020 Startup Row.

Aiko AI is challenging traditional technology and pioneering ethical solutions through the integration of artificial intelligence.

With multi-national and Fortune companies as customers, we were voted "Best Artificial Intelligence Company" by US Business News 2019 Technology Elite Awards; and our products have debuted at #1 on Product Hunt.

We employ machine learning models and human disinformation analysts to detect social media manipulation, think of us as an Anti-Cambridge Analytica. We detect social media manipulation, such as automated bot networks and organized astroturfing campaigns, whether it’s from state actors, troll groups, or commercially motivated adversaries.

At Deepnote, we are building a new kind of data science notebook. It is fully compatible with the Jupyter ecosystem, but adds things like real-time collaboration and versioning. We aim to automate everything that can be automated, so the data scientists can focus on their work. Hosting, hardware provisioning, data ingestion and security are all taken care off, GPUs are just a single click away and creating a full-fledged data science environments takes seconds.

Powderkeg is the place to plug into tech in the center of the country. Meet up with the best and brightest at our events, get access to the digital resource hub for tech leaders outside the Valley, and get matched with community-vetted talent with top tech teams with our job-matching platform, Matches.

Matches is Powderkeg's community-powered job-matching platform that leverages a robust data set to match mid-to-senior level talent with employers and their next big job opportunities.

We're working to profoundly improve software security and reliability to safeguard human progress. In Oct 2019 we released the first alpha version of Bento, a developer tool that find bugs in Python projects and Flask-based web apps. Our analysis platform brings together program analysis authors with people who fix software security issues. We believe an emphasis on actionable results and tight feedback between developers and analysis authors will make software more reliable and secure for all.

SLAppForge has developed a completely serverless IDE to support the development of functions for AWS and GCP. The current minimum viable product supports Node.js & recently added Python. For the Node.js, live debugging has been added to the product which is unique for serverless functions. Typically, serverless functions do not allow traditional debugging and our technology has solved that problem. By the time of the PyCon we should have even more functionality for Python.

Slide offers a p2p payment app modelled after Venmo to the South African market. We've also generalized our payment platform to create Slide Link, modelled after Stripe Connect, which provides a set of payment building blocks for multiple business models. A key application of Slide Link is the Pay & Connect app, which is a closed network payments app for the University of Cape Town processing approximately 200,000 transactions and dining hall entries a month.

Tonic helps you protect your customer's data, meet regulatory requirements, and simplify your development and testing process. We do this by making a version of your most important data that is freely sharable. Using machine learning and the latest data processing techniques, Tonic creates data that looks and feels like sensitive or production data (synthetic data), but is based on an underlying model.