PyCon Pittsburgh. April 15-23, 2020.

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All good things must come to an end and it’s time for the PyCon 2020 Online closing. All of PyCon’s sponsors financially supported our community during this difficult time. 2020 would have been an insurmountable hurdle without their support. Thank you to each and every sponsor.

Our sponsors collaborated with us to welcome you and to provide virtual experiences since they couldn’t be with you in person. They recorded workshops and product demos, created Python challenges and code competitions, and provided information on their job openings. We hope you enjoyed the content.

Thank you for participating in our first online conference. We look forward to seeing all of you in Pittsburgh in 2021!

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Community Connection: come chat with us online:

Meet the Microsoft team and learn about all of the virtual experiences we will be delivering for PyCon 2020 since we cannot join you in person this year.

For the full PyCon 2020 Microsoft Experience, go to
Virtual booth demos and much more will be added over the next few weeks

Read about what Microsoft loves about PyCon and the Python community on the blog.

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Build your cloud skills at your own pace – click here to join our Cloud Skills Challenge:

Microsoft is hiring, see their job postings on

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Read about how Facebook is innovating ways for people to connect on the blog.

Facebook has shared this Sponsor Workshop

Facebook is hiring, see their job postings on

Read "Thoughts on Code and Community" from Capital One's Steven Lott on the blog.

New Read "Rewriting Legacy ETL Jobs in Python When You’re Not Python Devs" from Capital One's Akshay Prabhu on the PSF blog.

Capital One has provided this Sponsor Workshop

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Heroku shared these videos to introduce you to their offerings:

New Read more from Google's Dustin Ingram on the blog.

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Googlers also presented the following for PyCon 2020 Online:

New Come learn about Python on Google Cloud by completing codelabs at!

The Pokémon Company International is hiring, see their job postings on LinkedIn:

We're excited to share that IBM's Quantum Challenge is live now! Whether you're already a member of the Qiskit community, or this is your 1st quantum experiment, this challenge will improve your understanding of quantum circuits. Enjoy testing your Python skills!

Qiskit is an open-source quantum computing software development framework for leveraging today’s quantum processors in research, education, and business. Qiskit is primarily written in Python and it plays a key role in our ability to make quantum computing open and accessible for everyone. We invite the community of Python developers to join IBM’s Quantum Challenge running from May 4 - 8.

Get started programming a quantum computer by watching "Coding with Qiskit" and subscribe to the Qiskit YouTube channel for more educational content.

The future of quantum is in open source software and access to real quantum hardware—let’s keep building together.

Participate in the IBM Quantum Challenge at


New Read "Salesforce Engineering puts Python to work across many areas of their business." from Salesforce's Laura Lindeman on the PSF blog.

Salesforce also shared this Sponsor Workshop:


New JPMorgan Chase, a leading global financial services firm, is reinventing the way the industry does business and leading the way through technology. With an annual investment of over $10 billion in technology and 40,000 technologists, technology and innovation are critical to delivering to over 40 million digital customers and managing $2.5 trillion in assets. Visit to learn more.

Weekly Python Exercise shared this video to introduce you to their offerings:

If you've never used Sentry before, we'd love to show you what we can do. If you get started in the next 14 days, we're offering a $150 credit when new users sign up with code: DIGITALPYCON20
Sign up & enter the promo code here

Sentry shared this video to introduce you to their offerings:

Sentry is hiring, see their job postings:

View their virtual booth demo on How to Build a Multi Region App on CockroachCloud on YouTube.

Cockroach Labs is hiring, see their job postings on

With an abundance of data science jobs and shortage of experienced talent, many people are finding their way into data science from other disciplines. Read here how a Python Conference led a young javascript developer to enter the world of open source Python developers.

Blog Post: Who Governs Open Source Software?

  • Consulting: Is your data analytics process as efficient as possible? We offer individualized consulting services ranging from helping with a specific problem to an in-depth analysis of your specific use cases for data analysis and evaluation of your current system.
  • Training: Advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence, data visualization, and data science in general now outpace the educational system. We provide training on advanced topics to keep your team up to date on the latest technologies.
  • Staffing: With an ever-increasing need for talented programmers and data scientists, and a shortage of experienced talent, traditional recruiting is no longer effective. Quansight helps companies fill their open positions with innovative staffing options.
  • Labs: Quansight Labs is a public-benefit division of Quansight established with the purpose of creating a connection between creators of open source software and the organizations that use the software. Quansight Labs enables a return of some of the of value creation back to the open-source projects.

Quansight is hiring! Find their job postings here.


Python 2 has officially reached End of Life, which means any security problems that emerge over time will not be supported by the community, no matter how catastrophic.

If you still have software that depends on Python 2, we can help. We're providing ongoing Python 2 support and security updates, so you can continue to run your Python 2 software while freeing up your technical staff.

As part of our Python 2 support, we've released ActivePython 2.7.18, our pre-built distribution that includes the last official release of Python 2 as well as many popular packages.

Learn more about our Python 2 support and get a free risk assessment.

ActiveState delivers its ActivePython distributions via the ActiveState Platform, which provides free, cross-platform build resources for building custom Python runtime environments with all the packages you need for your project. Sign up for a free account.

Developers can also gain access to the ActiveState Platform’s GraphQL API, which allows you to add new packages, projects and other open source language artifacts. It’s currently open to Python-based open source projects. Want to participate? Learn more about our early access program.

AcitveState also shared this Sponsor Workshop:

ActiveState is hiring, see their job postings on


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Read Anyscale's Python Success story on

Anyscale is hiring, see their job postings on


New Read Union Investment's case study on


New Read Abridge AI's case study on

Toptal invites you to participate in their Python Speed Coding Challenge! Put your skills to the test and see how you stack up among the world’s top developers. Winners can earn a Udemy Pro subscription and cool Toptal swag. The challenge runs this week and ends Sunday, May 10 at 11:59 pm EDT.

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