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Do you want to share a room at one of the PyCon hotels or another hotel with other attendees? List yourself on this wiki page (click the edit button to the upper left, after logging in), along with: - how many other people you want to share with, - what nights you'll be there, - whether you've already reserved a room, and - any other requirements (e.g. male/female, smoking/non-smoking). Note: If any of your roommates will be arriving separately, be sure to list their names on the reservation as having permission to check in and get a key to your shared room from the front desk by showing photo ID. When reserving your room, be sure to specify the type and number of beds! Some rooms only have a single king size bed; not ideal for platonic room sharing. Cots may be available, but they are not very comfortable. Caution: Room sharing arrangements are the responsibilities of the individual parties involved. The Python Software Foundation and PyCon Staff takes no responsibility, and cannot get involved in any disputes. In order to edit this page; you must have a valid site login, and use markdown syntax. #Hotel Room Rates - Westin Hotels - $169 CAD/night (plus tax) - Hyatt Regency - $149 CAD/night (plus tax) - Marriott SpringHill Suites - $145CAD/night (plus tax) - Place d'Armes - $179 CAD/night (plus tax) - Hotel Dauphin - $142 CAD/night (plus tax) ---------------------------- ## I Already Have A Room Reservation If you have a room reservation and you're looking for a roommate to share costs, list your info here: 1. - **Dates**: Apr10 - Apr 12; 3 room nights - **Hotel**: Hyatt Regency, 1 roommate, Non-smoking, 2 double beds - **Contact Info**: Example Person, 1. - **Dates**: Apr 12 (Apr 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 are taken) - **Hotel**: Hyatt Regency Montreal - **Contact Info**: ericmajinglong[at]gmail[dot]com, Eric J. Ma (eight-five-seven) two-zero-nine-one-three-seven-five 1. - **Dates**: Apr 10 - Apr 16 - **Hotel**: Marriott SpringHill Suites Old - **Contact Info**: Ask for Flip: gmail for flipmcf or eight oh four niner two one - triple 8 five 1. - **Dates**: arriving on Thursday 7-Apr; departing on 21-Apr (14 nights) - **More info**: 2 queen beds, non smoker, no pets, no rockbands (might consider jazz bands) - **Hotel**: Courtyard Marriott (7 min walking distance) - **Contact Info**: anton dot popovine at G dot com 1. - **Dates**: Apr9 -- Apr13 - **More info**: female, hostel dorm (10 beds?), non smoker, looking for fellow attendees staying in HI - **Hotel**: Auberge de Jeunesse HI-Montréal (Hostel International) (12 min by public transport) - **Contact Info**: - **Note**: Also seeking a swimming pool to use during my visit! ---------------------------- ## I'm Looking For A Room If you're looking to share a room (but you haven't made a reservation yet), list your info here: 1. - **Dates**: Apr10 - Apr 12; 3 room nights - **More Info**: Non-smoker, first PyCon - **Contact Info**: Example Person, 1. - **Dates**: Apr. 11-Apr. 14th; 3 nights - **More info**: First pycon, non-smoker, happy sleeping on the floor - **Contact info**: 1. - **Dates**:any subset of pycon, at least 3 nights - **Hotel**: female please - **Contact Info**: Amy Prager, 1. - **Dates**: April 10th -> 12th (3 nights) - **More Info**: Non smoker and first Pycon! :) - **Hotel**: Any hotel - **Contact Info**: Cary Anderson, or 1. - **Dates**: April 7 - 15 (8 nights) - **More Info**: 1st PyCon, non-smoker - **Hotel**: Any hotel - **Contact Info**: Virendra Rajput, virendra.rajput567[at], Ph. No. +91-(eight, seven, nine, three, seven, six, six, five, one, four) 1. - **Dates**: Apr 9 - Apr 12, 3 nights, looking to share with 1 more person - **More Info**: Non-smoker, first pycon, female, engineer - **Hotel**: Any - **Contact Info**: Ann Paul, 1. - **Dates**: Apr 10 - Apr 13, 3 nights, looking to share with 1 more person - **More Info**: Female, First pycon, Engineer, US Citizen, Non-smoker - **Hotel**: Any - **Contact Info**: Christine Harvey, 1. - **Dates**: Apr 9 - Apr 13, 4 nights - **More Info**: Male, Engineer, Non-smoker, first PyCon - **Hotel**: Any - **Contact Info**: Carlos Salvatierrra, ---------------------------- [1]: /2014/venue/hotels/
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