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Python cuff links from 2014

We are proud to announce the Third Annual PyCon Charity Auction. Last years auction was a huge success raising over $10K for PyLadies on over 35 items from sponsors and fellow attendees were auctioned off. The highest earning one was a Frozen print donated by Disney and the most sought after was the Python logo cuff links donated by _From Python Import Podcast_, which went for $900. This is a fun and entertaining way to support the PyLadies community. A good sense of humor is recommended and bidding is not required. The PyLadies Auction is taking place **Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 6:30pm in room 516**. A small cover charge is required for refreshments, and can be paid as part of your PyCon registration or at the auction door.

PyCon 2013 Charity Auction
### Participants Here is a list of sponsors contributing to the third annual PyCon Charity Auction! - [Disney]( - [Caktus]( - [Heroku]( - [PDT Partners]( - [Wingware]( - [Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG)]( - [OpenStack]( - [Lyst]( - [Luke Gotszling]( - [Google]( - [Brett Slatkin]( - [Joel Garza]( - [Kushal Das]( - [Elena Williams]( - [Jackie Kazil]( - [ActiveState]( - [O'Reilly]( - [Facebook]( - [PyDX]( Sponsors will have the opportunity to donate auction items for the event. If you have any questions on the auction or are interested in participating, please contact our Auction Coordinator, [Lynn Root]( Contributing sponsors will be highlighted in the marketing of the event and also during the event. Proceeds will go to PyLadies. ### Auction Items - Original Sketch of PyCon 2015 Design - donated by **Caktus** - [Zboard]( - donated by **Heroku** - [Raspberry Pi]( - donated by **PDT Partners** - [3 Licenses Wingware]( - donated by **Wingware** - [license to access one of NAG's Numerical Libraries for 12 months, including full support, plus one day of free consulting]( - donated by **NAG** - [2 full passes for women to OpenStack summit in Vancouver]( - donated by **OpenStack** - [Black Leather Tape Deck Embossed Backpack]( - donated by **Lyst** - [26-Pound Edible Gummy Python]( - donated by **Luke Gotszling** - [Bose Quietcomfort 15 Headphones]( - donated by **Google** - [Red Timbuk2 Messenger Bag]( - donated by **Google** - [3 copies of Effective Python by Brett Slatkin]( - donated by **Brett Slatkin** - Big Hero Six Artwork - donated by **Disney** - PyCon 2013 Sticker Set - donated by **Joel Garza** - Peacock Wodden - donated by **Kushal Das** - Goddess Druga - donated by **Kushal Das** - 13-inch Transparent Python Logo wall-mountable - donated by **Elena Williams** - Decorative clear transparent hanging mobile of PyCon logo - donated by **Elena Williams** - [A tie covered in Python logos]( - donated by **Jackie Kazil** - [A pair of socks covered in Python logos]( - donated by **Jackie Kazil** - 3 x [Komodo IDE]( individual licenses - donated by **ActiveState** - 2 x $200 gift card to [O'Reilly]( - donated by **O'Reilly** - 1 x $300 gift card to [O'Reilly]( - donated by **O'Reilly** - Bose bluetooth speaker - donated by **Facebook** - [PyDX ticket]( - donated by **PyDX** [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: ### Past Top Bid The top bidding item from 2014 was a piece of concept artwork donated by Disney.
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