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First time contributing to CPython: A tuple of guitars, dueling banjos, a ukulele, and you

Carol Willing

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A first time contribution to CPython has many parallels to learning to play a musical instrument. Instruction, practice, and mastery happen over time. Effort, patience, and a sense of timing interplay to `Create CPython harmony.`


## Start building a "CPython" combo [3] A tuple of guitars - Reading source code, writing documentation, testing [2] Dueling banjos - Python 2.7 and Python 3 [1] Ukulele - Focus on a module [and...] You ##Key steps and resources 1. Learn your craft - CPython developer guide; FAQ; Core mentorship list 2. Sight reading the "source" code 3. Tuning up your tools (editors, patches, mercurial, and issue trackers) 4. Practice with Pythonistas (IRC, mailing lists, and users) 5. Compose your code and perform
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