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KivyMedPad -- A medical application template for VTK 3D applications using Kivy and Python

Samuel John

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I present a template that combines Kitware's [VTK]( version for OpenGL ES with the [Kivy]( multi-touch GUI framework for the development of a medical app in our setting for minimally invasive surgeries, targeting Apple's iOS but ultimately being platform independent thanks to Kivy. Also this is about how we drive innovation and produce medical class applications in Python.


The recent release of an OpenGL ES shader based version of the well known and widely used Visualization Toolkit [VTK]( makes it possible to produce stunning and high performance state-of-the-art 3D visualizations on the iPad™. On this poster, instead of using Kitware's C++ bridge, confusingly named [Kivi-viewer](, I present how to embed and interact with a VTK view inside of a [Kivy]( app, putting Python at the center of our medical development.
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