PyCon 2016 in Portland, Or
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Staff Information

You can contact the main PyCon staff using email: - PyCon Staff:
[]( "") If the matter is especially urgent, please call or contact any of these individuals: - Ewa Jodlowska, Director of Operations
- Brandon Rhodes, Conference Chair
Staff Information -------------------- This page lists the primary points of contact for PyCon 2016. This does not list all of the volunteers, without whom PyCon would not be possible. If you are interested in taking on any of the available assignments below, please contact the staff at []( - PyCon Chair: **Brandon Rhodes** - Event Coordinators: **Ewa Jodlowska** & **Betsy Waliszewski** - Diversity Outreach Chair: **Jessica McKellar** - Accessibility Chair: [**Jon Henner**]( - Program Committee Chair: **Ned Jackson Lovely** - Program Committee Co-Chair: **Karen Rustad Tölva** - Tutorials Chairs: **Ruben D. Orduz** - Tutorials Co-Chairs: **Allen Downey** & **Carol Willing** - Posters Chair: [**Gustavo Pinto**]( - Posters Co-Chairs: [**Hannes Hapke**]( - Lightning Talk Chair: **Lynn Root** - Lightning Talk Co-Chair: **Thursday Bram** - Financial Aid Chairs: [**Ashwini Oruganti**]( - Financial Aid Co-Chair: [**Laurens Van Houtven**]( - Session Staff Chair: **David Wolever** - Session Staff Co-Chair: **Julia Duimovich** - Sprint Coordinators: **Naomi Ceder** & **Kushal Das** - Open Spaces Chair: [**Anna Ossowski**]( - Open Spaces Co-Chair: [**Kinga Kieczkowska** & **Hobson Lane**]( - Education Summit Coordinators: **Chalmer Lowe** & **Jessica Ingrassellino** - Python Language Summit Coordinators: **Barry Warsaw** & **Larry Hastings** - Startup Row Coordinators: **Yannick Gingras** & **Don Sheu** - Captioning Coordinator: **Brian Costlow** - Young Coders Educators: **Katie Cunningham** & **Barbara Shaurette** - Young Coders Coordinator: **Luke Sneeringer** - 5k Charity Run Coordinators: **Mathieu Leduc-Hamel** - Explore Portland Coordinators: TBA - PyCon Dinners Coordinator: TBA - Volunteer Coordinator: [**Yarko Tymciurak** & **Rami Chowdhury**]( - Mobile Guide Coordinators: **Ewa Jodlowska** & **Felix Crux** - Web Site Consultants: **Caktus Consulting Group** - Swag Head: **Paul Hildebrandt** - PSF Treasurer: **Kurt B. Kaiser**