PyCon 2016 in Portland, Or
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# Free Sponsor Workshops PyCon 2016 is proud to work with our amazing sponsors to bring to you a bevy of **free** one-and-a-half hour & three hour workshops during the PyCon tutorial days. They are great to enjoy stand-alone, or as an add-on to paid tutorials you want to attend. If you are a sponsor and would like to give a sponsor tutorial, please [contact us](! - **When**: Saturday, May 28th,2016 & Sunday, May 29th, 2016 - **Where**: Oregon Convention Center - **Room**: Rooms A106 & A107-A109 - **Cost**: FREE! - **Register**: [Registration is open]( - **Includes**: AM Break, Lunch, PM Break

May 28, 2016

  Room A107-A109
09:00AM Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift: Python containers for the real world Graham Dumpleton
10:30AM Break
11:00AM OpenStack: Cloud Native Deployment for Application Developers David F. Flanders
12:30PM Lunch
01:30PM IBM: Hands-on session: Developing analytic applications using Apache Spark™ and Python David Taieb

May 29, 2016

  Room A106 Room A107-A109 Sponsor Room A105
09:00AM Microsoft: What can you do with Python at Microsoft? Steve Dower
Rackspace: Deploy an interactive data science environment with JupyterHub on Docker Swarm Everett Toews
10:30AM Break
11:00AM Intel: Deploying solutions with Python on the Trusted Analytics Platform Frederick Magnotta, Anahita Bhiwandiwalla
12:30PM Lunch
01:30PM Dropbox: Introducing type annotations for Python 2.7 Guido van Rossum
Google Tech Talk Series: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Python at Google wesley chun
Heroku 101: Deploying Python Web Applications to Heroku Kenneth Reitz
03:00PM Break
03:30PM Google: A whirlwind tour of Google Cloud services you can use - wherever your code runs! Brian Dorsey, Jon Parrott
Caktus Group: Leveraging Text Messaging in 2016 with RapidPro Erin Mullaney & Rebecca Muraya
We would love to have you attend these - again they are free to attend, and are provided free of charge by our amazing sponsors. Lunch and snacks will be provided and all sponsors have put a ton of work into these workshops! Note: These workshops/tutorials are not the same as the 4-hour PyCon tutorials.