PyCon 2016 in Portland, Or
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Startup Row

**PyCon gives 12 free Expo Hall booths to startups!** Startup Row gives these companies the chance to exhibit next to sponsors like Google and Rackspace, and nurtures the growth of startups that use Python. Alumni from 2015 include: [](, [Distelli](, [TrueVault](, and [Roomstorm]( Startup Row features early-stage Python using companies founded or launched less than two and a half years prior to March 21, 2016. **[Click here to apply today!](** PyCon runs Startup Row so the global Python community can learn of the most promising new companies using Python, and attendees of PyCon can help catapault these companies to success. Take this opportunity to create a relationship with the next billion-dollar Python startup. Selected companies also join an increasingly influential alumni network. In addition to 2015 alumni Roomstorm, TrueVault, and, prior years companies include Mixpanel, Quantopian, Nylas, and That. Mixpanel recently raised $65m at a $865m valuation to build the king of mobile analytics. Quantopian aspires to build a $10bn quant-driven hedge fund. Nylas founded by MIT alums Michael Gingrich and Christine Spang is building the next email platform. founders Alex Poon and Dennis Mortensen recently raised on a $40m valuation for Amy, their AI assistant that schedules meetings through email. Yhat, TrueVault, and Roomstorm are all Y Combinator companies. Jason Wang of TrueVault raised $2m in two days from people he didn’t know before. When you join PyCon Startup Row, you join these remarkable alumni. We know that the Python community's next Dropbox is being launched right now by a Pythonista somewhere in the world. The technological landscape of tomorrow is yours to make. Come and show us that it's one where you use Python to deliver innovation fast. # The Rules The rules are simple: * You must have less than 15 employees, including founders, and be less than two and a half years old. * You must use Python somewhere in your startup. Backend, frontend, testing, wherever. * If selected, you have to come and staff your booth for the Expo Hall hours on your appointed day. We will do our best to give you the day that works best for you (either Monday or Tuesday, May 30th or 31st). * No repeats. If you were on Startup Row last year, your startup is not eligible. We want to give a chance to as many startups as possible. Our panel of judges will select companies based on the likelihood of market success. Market success may mean popularity with users, likelihood of revenues, or cool technology that’s attractive for acquisition by an established company. Ambitious new approaches to solving old problems count, so are world changing applications of cutting edge technology. Show us your passion in your application. **[Click here to apply today!](** All submissions must be received **by March 21st, 2016** for consideration for Startup Row. Also look for pitch events in your area as an opportunity to win your way to Startup Row in Portland. If you want to pitch at one of our PyCon Startup Row Tour events, apply today. # Host a Pitch Event Do you organize a Python user group or build community locally around startups? Contact us about hosting a Startup Row Pitch event in your city! Hosting a local pitch event guarantees that a startup from your region will be represented in Portland at PyCon on Startup Row. If you are interested, email the Startup Row coordinator Don Sheu — don at