PyCon 2016 in Portland, Or
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#Traveling to Portland This page is to help attendees find information regarding the various ways of getting to PyCon US 2016 in Portland, Oregon, USA. ## By Air — Portland International Airport (PDX) Portland International Airport (PDX) is just nine miles north of the Oregon Convention Center and downtown Portland. [Here]( you can view the layout of the airport. By the time you all will be traveling to Portland, all of the carpeting may already be new, but take note that the [old PDX carpet]( has its own Wikipedia page and was very much appreciated by the locals and visitors. See if you can find a patch of the old carpet during your visit! You can take the [Trimet MAX (red line)]( from the PDX airport to the Oregon Convention Center, all of our hotels, and downtown. The cost is $2 one trip. Please note that when you arrive to pick up your badge at registration, you will also receive a free public transportation card so do not purchase one for the entire week. For further information on PDX flight service and getting to/from the airport, please visit [Travel Portland's website]( **Note:** International travelers require a valid passport book to travel to the US by air and will need to go through customs and border control on the way to PyCon 2016. See section below on "Visa Requirements & Invitation Letters". ## By Train — Amtrak via Union Station Union Station services three Amtrak lines: - Amtrak Cascades, which connects Portland with the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia - Coast Starlight, which connects Portland with West Coast cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle - Empire Builder, which connects Portland with the mid-west such as Chicago, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee For more information on these three lines, please visit [Travel Portland's info page]( Special Amtrak Convention Fare Code number X28B-949 has been activated for May 28, 2016 – June 05, 2016. Travel dates are three days prior to the convention start date and three days following the last day of the conference. Conference attendees who mention this code when making reservations will receive a 10% savings off the lowest available rail fare. (No other discounts will apply) Amtrak offers a 10% discount off the best available rail fare to (Portland, OR) between (May 25, 2016 – June 08, 2016). To book your reservation call Amtrak at 1 (800) 872-7245 or contact your local travel agent. Conventions cannot be booked via Internet. Please be sure to refer to Convention Fare Code X28B-949 when making your reservation. This offer is not valid on the Auto Train and Acela Service. Fare is valid on Amtrak Regional for all departures seven days a week, except for holiday blackouts. Offer valid with Sleepers, Business Class or First Class seats with payment of the full applicable accommodation charges. ## By Bus — BoltBus and Greyhound You can travel to/from Portland via BoltBus from/to the following cities: - Vancouver, BC, Canada - Bellingham, WA, USA - Seattle, WA, USA - Albany, OR, USA - Eugene, OR, USA Greyhound is available from all over the USA. Please check the [Greyhound website]( for the possibilities that suit you. Further info on traveling by bus can also be found on the [Travel Portland bus page]( ## Visa Requirements & Invitation Letters A valid passport is required for all visitors to enter the US. Depending on where you are coming from, you may need additional documents/visas. Please be sure to check the [US Customs Website]( for further details. Invitation letters: Visitor visa applicants may need letters or other documents indicating the purpose of their visit, evidence of funds to cover accommodation and food, and so on. The PyCon organizers are happy to provide an invitation letter if you need one; we do suggest, however, that you check with your local embassy or consulate, as requirements differ from country to country. Please email []( "") to request an invitation letter from the conference.