PyCon 2016 in Portland, Or
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Schedule Overview

The PyCon conference is several events in one. Each event is designed to let the Python community meet and collaborate in a different way. Here is an overview of the conference days and what they offer! # Two Tutorial Days A full schedule of **Tutorials** is the centerpiece of the two days right before the main conference itself. Each tutorial is purchased separately which covers the costs of lunch, the conference center room, and the instructor. Running alongside them is a separate schedule of free **Sponsor Workshops** for attendees who want to learn more about the technology and services of their favorite vendors. Finally, the [Education Summit](/2016/events/edusummit/) and invitation-only [Python Language Summit](/2016/events/langsummit/) help two different communities prepare for the main conference. ## Saturday May 28 — first tutorial day ## Sunday May 29 — second tutorial day The [Opening Reception](/2016/events/reception/) on the evening of the second day of tutorials is when the main conference really gets started. Free to all conference attendees, the reception also marks the moment when the Expo Hall first opens its doors and PyCon’s vendors are available for you to meet. # Three Conference Days These 3 days are packed with scheduled **Talks** and open and close with plenary events including **Keynotes** and our ever-popular **Lightning Talks**. The **Expo Hall** full of our sponsors is available for 2 full days, and then on the 3rd day becomes the venue for our **Poster** session and the **Job Fair**. Optional events round out each evening, including the [PyLadies Auction]( and two different [conference dinners](/2016/events/dinners)! ## Monday May 30 — first conference day ## Tuesday May 31 — second conference day ## Wednesday June 1 — third conference day # Four Sprint Days Thursday through Sunday, June 2–5, 2016 Whether you can stay for only one day of the sprints or for all four, dozens of Python projects will be organized and ready to greet new developers and guide you towards making a contribution of code, documentation, or design towards their project!