PyCon 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio

Volunteering On-Site

## Call for On-Site Volunteers Got a couple of hours to give? PyCon is organized and run by volunteers from the Python community. This year we're looking for over [**300 on-site volunteer hours**](", " to help make sure everything runs smoothly. Everyone who is attending PyCon is welcome to volunteer, but you **must be registered** to volunteer. All help is very **much appreciated**. Thank you! <span class="label label-note">Pro Tip:</span> Sign-up to be a Session Chair or Session Runner – it's a great opportunity to meet the speakers! <br> <div align="center"> <table cellpadding="8" border="1"> <tr> <th>Volunteer</th> <th>Sign-up</th> <th>When</th> </tr> <tr> <td><a href="#session">Session Staff (must be logged in)</a></td> <td><a href="">Session Staff sign-up</a></td> <td>Fri - Sun</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href="#green_room">Green Room Staff</a></td> <td><a href="" target="_blank">Green Room Staff sign-up</a></td> <td>Fri - Sun</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href="#registration">Registration Desk</a></td> <td><a href="" target="_blank" title="Registration Desk">Registration sign-up</a></td> <td>Tue - Sun</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href="#swag_dist">Hand Out Swag Bags</a></td> <td><a href="" title="Swag handout sign-up" target="_blank">Swag handout sign-up</a></td> <td>Fri - Sun</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href="#swag_setup">Setup Swag Bag Stuffing Area</a></td> <td><a href="" title="Swag setup sign-up" target="_blank">Swag Setup sign-up</a></td> <td>Thursday (11am-3pm)<br><b>Physical!</b></td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href="#swag">Swag Bag Stuffing</a></td> <td><i>Just Show Up to Hall C!</i></td> <td>Thursday (3 - 6pm)<br><b>Stuff 10 bags!</b></td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href="#tutorials">Tutorial Support</a> </td> <td> <a href="" target="_blank">Tutorial support / hosts sign-up</a> </td> <td>Wed - Thurs</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href="#Language">Language Summit Greeters</a> </td> <td> <a href="">Sign up to greet people at the Language Summit!</a> </td> <td>Wed AM </td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href="#youngcoders">Young Coders Setup</a> </td> <td> <a href="">Volunteer sign-up</a> </td> <td>Fri </td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href="#youngcoders">Young Coders Teacher Assistance</a> </td> <td> <a href="">Volunteer sign-up</a> </td> <td>Sun</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href="#charlas">PyCon Charlas</a> </td> <td> <a href="">Volunteer sign-up</a> </td> <td>Fri </td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href="#Art of Python">Art of Python</a> </td> <td> <a href="">Volunteer sign-up</a> </td> <td>Fri Evening</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href="#Mentored Sprints">Mentored Sprints</a></td> <td><a href="">Volunteer sign-up</a></td> <td>Sat Afternoon</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href="#PyLadies Auction">PyLadies Auction</a> </td> <td> <a href="">Volunteer sign-up</a> </td> <td>Sat Evening</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href="#5k">5k Fun Run/Walk Helpers</a> </td> <td> <a href="">Sign up to help at the 5k Fun Run/Walk!</a> </td> <td>Sun AM </td> </tr> </table> </div> <br> <a name="session"></a> ### Session Staff <span class="label label-important">Volunteer:</span> Please read and understand the duties before you sign up to be a session chair/runner. Follow the links below for complete descriptions. - Session Chairs and Session Runners are present for an entire session (usually 2 to 3 talks in a row). - A [Session Chair](/2019/about/volunteers/sessionstaff/) introduces the speaker, manages the time, and facilitates the question and answer period. "Please be seated. Our next speaker is..." - A [Session Runner](/2019/about/volunteers/sessionstaff/) accompanies the speaker from the Speakers Lounge to the appropriate stage. They help in any way needed to make the session run smoothly. No running required. - You must be logged in to view the sign ups on []( <br> <a name="green_room"></a> ### Green Room Staff <span class="label label-important">Volunteer:</span> Sign up to help for a talk block: [Green Room sign-up]( "Green Room") - Green room staff help the Session Staff Chairs coordinate keeping the talks on schedule. They check in volunteers & speakers, keep an eye on the clock, use a walkie-talkie, and reassure speakers before their talk. <br> <a name="registration"></a> ### Registration Desk <span class="label label-important">Volunteer:</span> Sign-up for an hour slot at the registration desk: [registration desk sign-up]( "Registration Desk") - Someone needs to say "Welcome! What is your name?", print a name tag, hand them their stuff. - Please consider signing up for an hour on the registration desk. It's a great way to meet people and answer basic questions. If this is your first PyCon, it's a good way to get into volunteering! <br> <a name="swag_dist"></a> ### Swag Bag Handout <span class="label label-important">Volunteer:</span> Sign-up for an hour slot at the swag/t-shirt desk: [swag handout sign-up]( "Swag Handout") - Help distributing swag bags & t-shirts; especially during that busy first morning of the conference. <br> <a name="tutorials"></a> ### Tutorial Support <span class="label label-important">Volunteer:</span> Sign-up for an hour slot helping with a tutorial: [tutorial support / hosts sign-up]( "Tutorial Support") - We're looking for one or two "Tutorial Hosts" for each tutorial to help welcome participants as they arrive: be sure they're in the right tutorial, give them any printed handouts, ask them if they need help setting up their laptop, etc. <br> <a name="youngcoders"></a> ### Young Coder Support <span class="label label-important">Volunteer:</span> Signup for Friday (May 3rd) to help setup and/or sign up for Sunday (May 5th) to be a Teacher Assistant. We need people to help setup the Young Coder rooms (Raspberry Pi installation) on the night before the classes start. If you are interested in helping setup, please come to **Room 23** May 3rd at 4pm. Sign up [here]( If you have a couple of hours to volunteer on May 5th, consider being a TA at the Sunday Young Coders class. Several time slots are available [here]( <br> <a name="charlas"></a> ### PyCon Charlas Helpers <span class="label label-important">Volunteer:</span> [PyCon Charlas]( needs staff to help this second year hatchery event -- a whole track of Spanish-language talks! (It might be helpful if you are conversant in Spanish): [staff sign-up]( "Charlas signup") <br> <a name="Art of Python"></a> ### Art of Python Helpers <span class="label label-important">Volunteer:</span> [Art of Python]( needs staff to help the 1st year hatchery event -- a miniature arts festival! : [staff sign-up]("Art of Python signup") <br> <a name="Mentored Sprints"></a> ### Mentored Sprints Git (GitHub) Help Desk <span class="label label-important">Volunteer:</span> [Mentored Sprints]( needs staff to help the 1st year hatchery event -- mentored sprints for diverse beginners! : [staff sign-up]( "Mentored Sprints signup") <br> <a name="PyLadies Auction"></a> ### Auction Helpers <span class="label label-important">Volunteer:</span> [PyLadies Auction]( needs staff to help for the event, report to room 11 by 3pm on May 4 : [staff sign-up]("Auction signup") <br> <a name="swag_setup"></a> ### Swag Bag Stuffing Setup <span class="label label-important">Volunteer:</span> Thursday, May 2, from 11am-3pm. Sign-up for an hour slot helping setup for swag stuffing: [swag stuffing setup sign-up]( "Swag Setup"). This is a physical role. We will be moving boxes and unboxing swag getting ready for the great stuffing at 3:00! <br> <a name="swag"></a> ### Stuff Swag Bags <span class="label label-important">Volunteer:</span> Just show up! Thursday May 2, 3pm - 6pm (or until we're done) - Come stuff 10 bags! <i>Many hands make light work!</i> - Help in quick sprints with lots of other people. For the big event, look for us at the end of tutorials on Thursday. Our goal is 5 bags/minute (can you guess how many things go in _each_ bag? - close to 1/4 million items to bag!). Are you agile - in a crowd? We'll need about 100 volunteers for this sprint. <!-- <a name="newcomers"></a> ### Newcomer Orientation <span class="label label-important">Volunteer:</span> Signup for Friday or Saturday morning's breakfast hour from 8-9am. We're looking for people to welcome newcomers to helping run PyCon! Not your first PyCon? Not your first time volunteering? Awesome! Please sign up to have breakfast with people and answer their questions, tell a story or two, and encourage new faces to join the rest of us in running PyCon and making it a great experience! --> <a name="Language"></a> ### Language Summit Greeters We are looking for two volunteers to help greet attendees for the Language Summit on May 1st between 9:20am and 10:30am. On the day of, please report to **Room 11**, the staff office. [sign up]( <a name="5k"></a> ### 5k Fun Run/Walk Helpers We are looking for six volunteers to help with the 5k on the morning of May 5. Three volunteers will help mark the course and 3 volunteers will help record runners' times. On the day of, please report to the [starting point]( on May 5th at 6:30am. <br> <center> <div style="color: #990066; font-size: 300%; font-weight:bold">Thanks!</div> </center> [no-schedule-yet]: #session "You can sign up once the Schedule comes online." [no-sessions-yet]: #session "You can check once the Schedule comes online." [no-volunteer-yet]: #top "Available soon; check back later!" [volunteer_reg]: /2019/profile/edit/ [volunteers]: /2019/about/volunteers/ [sessions]: /2019/schedule/sessions/ [schedule]: /2019/schedule/talks [welcome]: /2019/community/welcome [ta]: /2019/community/assistants/ [OLD-volunteer]: