PyCon 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio
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Thursday May 2, 2019

  Room 13 Room 23 Room 25C Room 14
09:00AM Getting Rid Devs Big Pain Points - from automating workflow to managing complex dependency trees Pete Garcin From Project to Productionized on Heroku Casey Faist How to Create a GraphQL endpoint on top of a RESTful API Richard Moot Production-scale PyTorch: TorchScript and the PyTorch JIT Michael Suo, James K Reed
10:30AM Break
11:00AM Dog Classification using PyTorch, Azure, and Visual Studio Code Rong Lu Getting to the Point with Geospatial Jayson Delancey Using Machine Learning to Create Proxy Labels for Transaction Data Tobi Bosede Friendly/Modern AsyncIO John Reese
12:30PM Lunch Break
01:30PM Slack <3 Python: How we develop SDKs and build bots in Python Rodney Urquhart, Jason Roche An Introduction to Building Scalable Web Apps with Visual Studio Code and Azure Nina Zakharenko Python Performance for Poets Aron Ahmadia, Gil Forsyth, Steven Lott Spatial Analysis Meets Data Science Alberto Nieto, Shairoz Sohail, Shannon Kalisky
03:00PM Break
03:30PM 42 PyCharm Tips and Tricks Paul Everitt Google Cloud for Pythonistas Dustin Ingram How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Python at Google | Tech Talk Series Wesley J Chun Python @Scale: An Instagram Story Anirudh Padmarao, Benjamin Woodruff, Carl Meyer
05:30PM Opening Reception (Expo Hall)