PyCon 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio

Young Coders

This year, PyCon is hosting two Young Coder workshops! ------------------------------------------------------- On **Saturday, May 4th**, PyCon is teaming up with The Hidden Genius Project to host a private event. Click <a href="/2019/events/letslearnpython#Saturday">here</a> for more details! On **Sunday, May 5th**, PyCon is hosting its Young Coder class that is free and open to public. Click <a href="/2019/events/letslearnpython#Sunday">here</a> for more details! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ <a id="Saturday"></a> #Saturday, May 4th [The Hidden Genius Project](, has teamed up with PyCon! Saturday, May 4, PyCon's Young Coder class, a private event aimed at sharing an opportunity for excited local youth participants to play with technology while practicing coding and programming skills. The Hidden Genius Project's Youth Educators will be there to help facilitate activities and expose young people to a range of career opportunities in the tech sector. <div style="text-align: center;"> <img src="" width="400" height="253" alt="Hidden Genius Logo"> </div> Schedule ----------- This tutorial is one day on Saturday May 4th, 2019 and it will have the following format: - 9:00 am - Welcome, Introductions - 9:15 am - Tutorial begins - 12:30 pm - Lunch (provided) - 1:30 pm - Tutorial continues - 4:00 pm - Wrap up Questions? ------------- Email: About the instructor --------------------------- **Katie Cunningham** Katie Cunningham is the CTO of Speak Agent and a DC native. She’s a fervent advocate for Python, Open Source Software, and teaching more people how to program. She also helps organize PyLadies in the DC area, a program designed to increase diversity in the Python community. She has taught classes for the organization, bringing novices from installation to writing their first app in 48 hours. Katie also has a [YouTube]( channel where she posts tutorials for new coders who want to learn more about coding and what it's like to work in tech. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ <a id="Sunday"></a> #Sunday, May 5th Hey Kids! Ever wonder what your mother or father is doing, typing away for long hours at the computer? What about how games are made? If you are **12 years old or over**, join us for a few hours on **Sunday May 5th, 2019** to explore how to program, and why your parents love Python so much. <center>[REGISTER TODAY](</center> ### Young Coders Sponsor <div style="text-align: center;"> <img src=""> </div> Why learn programming? ------------------------------- You don't necessarily have to become a professional programmer. Quite the contrary, programming is rewarding as a hobby or as a profession. Learning how to program also explores how computers work. Python is a very powerful language: it is used for writing computer programs, making websites & games, scientific & mathematic computing, among other things. Many companies use and develop with Python: Google, NASA, the CIA, Spotify, and <a href="">many others</a>. What will you learn? -------------------------- This **free** tutorial will explore how to program using Python by making games. We will start with learning Python's simple data types, including numbers, letters and strings, and lists. We will also explore comparisons, if-statements, and loops. Finally, we will combine our new knowledge by creating some games. What do you need to attend this tutorial? --------------------------------------------------- Nothing. Yup. Okay well, you'll need a smile on your face. We will provide monitors, keyboards, and Raspberry Pis with Python. Schedule ----------- This tutorial is one day on Sunday May 5th, 2019 and it will have the following format: - 9:00 am - Welcome, Introductions - 9:15 am - Tutorial begins - 12:30 pm - Tutorial wrap up + Lunch (provided) - 1:30 pm - Open space for continued hacking - 4:00 pm - Wrap up Registration --------------- Adults: please use your name and email address when when registering a child for this event. It will also prompt you to enter the child's name and age. - **Cost**: **FREE** - **Ages**: 12 to 18 years old - **Where**: Room 23<br> Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland 1 St. Clair Avenue NE Cleveland, OH 44114 []( Questions? ------------- Email: Call for volunteers! ------------------------ If you are interested in helping out during the tutorial: volunteer sign ups will be available soon! Follow our Twitter (@pycon) for the announcement. About the instructor --------------------------- **Nat Dunn** Nat Dunn founded Webucator in 2003 to combine his passion for technical training with his business expertise and to help companies benefit from both. His previous experience was in sales, business and technical training, and management. Nat has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in International Relations from Pomona College.