PyCon 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio

What you need to know during your stay in Cleveland, OH

### Mobile App Download the mobile app via Guidebook: [][1] ### Registration **Registration opens early!** Come pick up your badge early if you are in Cleveland a couple of days before the conference. Registration is at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland inside main entrance of Exhibit Hall C. Hours: * Tuesday, April 30th 1pm - 6pm * Wednesday, May 1st 7am - 6pm * Thursday, May 2nd 7am - 6pm * Friday, May 4th 7am - 5pm * Saturday, May 5th 7am - 5pm * Sunday, May 6th 7am - 1pm ### Code of Conduct Please familiarize yourself with the PyCon Code of Conduct and Attendee Procedure For Reporting Code of Conduct Incidents: [][2] ### Public Transportation Bus, Train, and Bike Share information is available for reference [here](/2019/venue/transit/). ### Internet The conference center will have wifi. We will have 5 stations with hard wire drops set out in the hall way for those that need to download larger files. Please bring your own ethernet adapter since we do not have any. All hotels but the Marriott have free wifi. If you are staying at the Marriott, you can [create a rewards account with them]( and then you will get complimentary wifi. ### Local recommendations Looking for a restaurant recommendation or perhaps a place to get a coffee, tea, beer? Our local ClePy group put together [this list]( ### Local Events If you have a guest traveling with you or just want to see what is happening in Cleveland during PyCon, [check out our list here]( ### Bicyclists For those traveling by bike to the convention center, bike racks outside of our St. Clair entrance. Bikes are not allowed inside the convention center. [1]: [2]: