PyCon 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio

Thursday 1 p.m.–1:30 p.m. in

Teaching Python to Elementary School Children: A Block Based Approach

Anthony Lupinetti


Participants will learn SnapPy Code, a block-based version of Python the presenter developed to teach computer science concepts to young learners. Through hands-on activities, participants learn how to teach the same lessons that guide 2nd through 6th graders from "Hello, World!" to loops, conditionals, functions, and electronics. I will share my 3 years of experience in developing SnapPy Code to address the needs of young learners. Attendees will experience how I continually improve my practice by learning from and with others to improve student learning. SnapPy Code's ease of use, combined with its powerful computations capabilities, provide students with the tools to tackle difficult problems. By my use of carefully chosen activities and mulit-part projects the SnapPy Code application allows students to develop, practice, and use real-world tools to decompose problems, to develop solutions, to test solutions and to rework solutions in new ways. I will share my lessons and methodology as well as the insights gleaned from teaching these lessons.