The PyCon 5k Charity Fun Run

# 5k Charity Fun Run ### Join us for the third annual PyCon 5k charity fun run! John Perry Barlow, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, will be opening PyCon 2014 with a keynote address. On Saturday, April 12th, we'll be running to show our support and gratitude to the EFF for defending our digital rights (key legal victories, all legal cases). ![eff](// ## Details - **When**: Saturday, April 12th at **7:00 am** - **Where**: Old Port of Montreal-Quays - **Registration:** sponsored by []( and can be completed [here]( - **Cost**: $20 USD (to be donated to the PyCon charities) - **Starting**: Clock Tower ([view map]( - **Course Description**: Updated The race will run along the Old Port of Montreal - [view route]( Runners and walkers of all abilities are welcome! Register Now! All proceeds raised from the [fun run registration]( will be donated to the PyCon 2014 charities including the EFF.
## Fun Run Sponsors ![lapio](