PyCon Charity Auction

Charity Auction ------------------ ![][1] _PyCon 2013 Charity Auction_ We are proud to announce the Second Annual PyCon Charity Auction. Last years auction was a huge success raising over $10K for PyLadies. Over 30 items from 23 sponsors and fellow attendees were auctioned off. The top items were from Disney, GitHub, and Dell. Items auctioned included unique works of art, stained glass, clothing, books, and laptops. Winning bids ranged from $40 to over $2000. This is a fun and entertaining way to support the PyLadies community. A good sense of humor is recommended and bidding is not required. The Auction is taking place **Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 6:30pm in room 710B**. A small cover charge is required for refreshments, and can be paid as part of your PyCon registration or at the auction door. PARTICIPANTS: Here is a list of sponsors contributing to the second annual PyCon Charity Auction! - OpenStack - Spotify - Rackspace - LightSpeed - American Greetings - WingWare - Disney - Twitter - O'Reilly - From Python Import Podcast - Numerical Algorithm Group - Stained Silicon (John Morrissey) - Kushal Das - Python Software Foundation Sponsors will have the opportunity to donate auction items for the event. If you have any questions on the auction or are interested in participating, please contact our Auction Coordinator, [Doug Napoleone]( Contributing sponsors will be highlighted in the marketing of the event and also during the event. Proceeds will go to PyLadies. AUCTION ITEMS: - **[Python Logo Cufflinks][3]** (die-cut enamel and ceramic) - donated by **_From Python Import Podcast_** - **Python Logo in Stained Glass** (hand made stained glass) - donated by **_Stained Silicon/John Morrissey_** - **[Grumpy Bear Figurine][4]** (signed by artist, mint in unopened box, only 100 signed boxes exist) - donated by **_American Greetings_** - **[Phantom 2 Vision][5]** (remote controlled quadcopter w/ camera) - donated by **_LightSpeed_** - **Red Bicycle** (details TBA) **_RackSpace_** - **23-Inch LCD Monitor** (Dell S2340M 293M3-IPS-LED 23-Inch Screen LED-lit Monitor) - donated by **_Wingware_** - **Frozen Print** (print on canvas) - donated by **_Disney_** - **[Fredie Mercury Print][6]** (signed print on canvas) - donated by **_Spotify_** - **[Potography Print][7]** (photo print on canvas signed by photographer) - donated by **_Kushal Das_** - **Backpack** (Patagonia Backpack) - donated by **_Twitter_** - **O'Reilly Gift Certificate** ($500USD) - donated by **_O'Reilly_** - **OpenStack Summit** (full access registration, Atlanta USA, May 12-16, 2014) - donated by **_OpenStack_** - **Numerical Algorithm Group 12-month License** - donated by **_Numerical Algorithm Group_** - **Wingware Pro License** - donated by **_Wingware_** PyCon 2013 Top Bid: The top bidding item from 2013 was a piece of concept artwork donated by Disney. ![][2] _Disney concept art: Heros Duty tower from Wreck It Ralph - PyCon 2013 Charity Auction Top Bid_ [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: