PyCon 2014 Childcare ================== PyCon is proud to announce that we will be offering childcare during the main conference days for the very first time ever! **Space is limited, so be sure to sign-up for childcare soon.**
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- **When**: Fri April 11th, Sat April 12th, Sun April 13th - **Time**: 8:30am - 4:30pm - **Where**: The Westin Hotel ([right next to the conference][4]) - **Cost**: $50 per child, per day - **Register**: [][1] - **Includes**: Lunch, certified childcare - **Ages**: 1 year to 12 years old
The actual cost per child, per day is about $200, but the [Python Software Foundation][3] has kindly agreed to subsidize this new outreach initiative, bringing the cost down to $50 per child, per day. Childcare Staff ------------------- Childcare will be provided by [Kimberlee Care][2]. All caregivers and staff are: - Certified and experienced in child education / childcare - Police background verified - Insured - Best of all, caring! - Most staff are bilingual (English and French), many trilingual (Spanish) Activities ------------ The qualified and fun Kimberlee Care providers will be ready and waiting to take good care of your little ones in this safe and stimulating tots & kids play room. High staff ratios have been arranged so that all children will get exceptional a personalized care to guarantee a relaxed and fun atmosphere for all our little adventurers. Blankets and pillows will be provided. Age-appropriate & educational games, toys and crafts will be available, ball tent and active play areas will be set as well as age appropriate movies, video games & story time. - A selection of themed arts and crafts materials (rotated daily) - A selection of puzzles and games - A selection of gross motor toys and activities - Inflatable bouncer ball pit (0-4 years) - Recently released movies/Wii Station & games - Rest area equipped with pillows and blankets for the younger ones - Play carpets/children size furniture - Photo identity check-in and check out - A secure child / caregiver ratio: - 0-18 months: 1:1 - months-2 years: 1:2 - 3-4 years: 1:4 - 5-9 years: 1:6 - 9-12 years: 1:8 Extra Private Babysitting ---------------------------------- Private in-room babysitting is available after childcare hours at a cost of $75 for the first (3) hours minimum and $20 per additional hour. Bookings will be done on a first come, first served basis. Questions? -------------- - Nilovna Bascunan-Vasquez
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+1 (514) 991-1931
- Ewa Jodlowska, Event Coordinator
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+1 (773) 599-3845
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