Lightning Talks

Accepted Lightning Talks

Packaging in your packaging: dh-virtualenv

Jyrki Pulliainen in Systems Administration

dh-virtualenv is a tool that aims to combine Debian packaging with self-contained virtualenv based Python deployments. Available open sourced at !

Homebrewing with Python

Colin Deasy in Other

I plan to talk about how I use python to automate my homebrew system. It controls the temperature of fermentation (using PWM), monitors hydration levels, sends alarms to relevant people in the case of catastrophe (such as sudden drop in temperature!). There is also a user interface to view these metrics and log your brewing progress.

Machine Learning in Minutes

Tendayi Mawushe in Other

It is easier than you might think to get started with machine learning. While some machine learning techniques can require a significant investment in time to understand. One for the most useful techniques, Identification Trees, is something that you can get started with literally in minutes.

PySociaLite: Python integrated query language for parallel/distributed data processing

Jiwon Seo in Other

PySociaLite is a Python integrated query language for data processing. The query language(SociaLite) supports simple annotations for partitioning data over distributed machines; then, SociaLite makes it easy to process distributed data without explicit communication code. Python integration makes SociaLite very powerful, making thousands of existing Python code accessible in SociaLite queries.

Distributing your Python game

Radomir Dopieralski in Gaming

So you have made a game in Python, using either PyGame, Pyglet, Cocos2D, PySDL2 or even PyOpenGL directly. Now you would like your friends and family to play it. And maybe some of those strange people on the Internet too. But they want a simple "donwload and click" solution. What options do you have?

Free to be a kid

Keila Banks in Other

Keila Banks is an 11yr old web designer, publisher, programmer and open source software enthusiast. She speaks to audiences of adults and youth alike on being raised in a family filled with technology and how she uses Linux, Python and open source software in ways that will challenge you to ask yourself are you smarter than a 5th grader.

Choose Pandas!

Sarah Guido in Python Libraries

While Excel and R are both good tools for data analysis, if you are a Python programmer, Pandas should be your go-to analysis tool. This talk will cover why Pandas is a great option for analysis and modeling, how to incorporate Pandas into your workflow, and some cool tricks you can use to leverage what Pandas has to offer.

Starting Simply (Gamify Health project)

Jess Freasier in Python Core (language, stdlib, etc.)

Don't have advanced skills and encyclopedic knowledge of available Python libraries and frameworks? No problems, you can do a lot using only basic native Python 2.7 functionality. Jess shares an functional (albeit non-prettified) app to gamify her health objectives. Check out the raw power and awesomeness of Python classes, dictionaries and lists!

Securely formatting thumbdrives with the Raspberry Pi

John Jarvis in Systems Administration

This talk shows off a tiny hack to turn a Raspberry Pi into a thumbdrive destroying appliance.

Your Logs Need Structure

Hynek Schlawack in Python Libraries

If you have an application in production you need to give structure to your log file entries or you’ll be miserable once you have to parse them. I’ll tell you more about that self-inflicted misery and how my ‘structlog’ module will help you to be happy again.

Substance D: what would Zope look like if it had been created by aliens?

Carlos de la Guardia in Web Frameworks

Substance D is a high level web framework that sits on top of Pyramid and tries to capture the features that once made Zope famous, while avoiding the pitfalls that made it infamous. This is a quick introduction.

Things You Didn't Know

Larry Hastings in Other

In five minutes I'll tell you some things you didn't know. I bet you'll learn at least one new thing!

Documenting History, or How to Write Great Commit Messages

Greg Ward in Best Practices & Patterns

Version control is one of those things that programmers are just expected to pick up by themselves. Crafting a concise and informative commit messages for every change is an even more neglected skill: it is your place to explain what this patch does and why it is needed. I'll explain why your commit messages matter, and what you can do to improve them.

Deployment for the Lazy and Paranoid

Erik Rose in Security

Deploying Python projects is a pain for the security-conscious. Authors can change their PyPI packages without revving the version numbers, and PyPI or its CDN could be hacked and send you malicious packages. Historically, we've fought this by running our own index servers or by using vendor libs: both harder than just "pip install". "peep install", however, makes this problem go away.

Traversing the Montreal Métro with Python

Matthew Frazier in Other

Many cities have a "subway challenge," where transit enthusiasts compete to find the fastest path through all the stations of a subway network. In honor of our host city, I will explain how you can use Python to find the fastest path through Montreal's Métro, and (if my travel plans accomodate) recount the tale of how it worked out in practice.

Bleeding Edge Packages: for Users and Developers alike.

Jason Gors in Systems Administration

It is common for projects to use code hosting services for development tasks via distributed version control systems. While this is a huge convenience for developing projects and building interest in collaborative efforts, the practice raises challenges for users & developers in using these rapidly changing projects. I will discuss this and offer a solution for maintaining up-to-date packages.

Django settings with django-configurations

Jannis Leidel in Web Frameworks

django-configurations simplifies Django project configuration by relying on the composability of Python classes and environment variables. It extends Django's Python module based settings loading with hooks to be able to use well established programming patterns like mixins, facades, factories and adapters.

Teaching Python and Data Science

Charles Givre in Education

At Booz Allen Hamilton, we have many people with subject matter expertise, but who might be intimidated by coding. As such, we have developed innovative ways to quickly teach scripting and basic data science techniques so that our analysts can focus on tasks which require human thought and automate tasks which do not. This talk will go through our methods.

Hitchhiker's Metaprogramming in Python

Fernando Masanori in Education

Hacking basic modules and classes to obtain the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything". The funny way to learn the importance of Free Software and inheritance and overloading in OOP or advanced topics like metaprogramming in Python.

Pair programming the Hackbright way: our unique approach to training developers

Gowri Grewal in Best Practices & Patterns

The Hackbright Academy is a highly competitive Python bootcamp for women that launched in San Francisco in 2012. Since then, Hackbright has put more women into software development jobs in Silicon Valley than Stanford and UC Berkeley combined! This talk will explore Hackbright's unique teaching style that enables women to become junior developers in as little as 10 weeks.

Transforming the CMS: The Rebirth of Static Sites

Justin Mayer in Web Frameworks

While web publishing originally consisted of static HTML and CSS assets, the database-backed content management system soon took over as the dominant web publishing model. This talk investigates the rise of static site generators, many of which are powered by Python, and discusses how these new light-weight static tools can often offer significant benefits over the traditional CMS.

scrape: an interactive web scraping development environment using selenium

Yarko Tymciurak in Other

Scrape uses cmd and selenium combined to create web scraping scripts in an interactive environment. Scripts are short, and run interactively, or in batch. It gets quite a bit of use at my university. I'll "run through" some examples of looking at other scraping examples, and re-running them in scrape. (5 min. screen recording).