Startup Row

## Startup Row **Startup Row is back – our offer to showcase the most promising Python startups out there!** The concept is very simple: if you convince us that your young company is the next big thing, we are going to give you a free booth for one day in our Expo Hall and two free passes to the conference. Startup Row gives you a unique opportunity to connect with a global, highly technical crowd. Among the 2000+ PyCon attendees, could be a new co-founder, your next investor, a future business partner, or even hundreds of new users, depending on who your target market is. These are stories we’ve heard from previous Startup Row nominees. The technological landscape of tomorrow is yours to make. Come and show us that it's one where Python shines. ## Rules - You must have less than 15 employees, including founders, and be less than two years old. - You must use Python somewhere in your startup. Backend, frontend, testing, wherever. - If selected, you have to come and staff your booth for the Expo Hall hours on your appointed day. We will do our best to give you the day that works best for you (either Friday or Saturday). - No repeats. If you were on startup row last year, your startup is not eligible. We want to give a chance to as many startups as possible. ## Apply Startups will be selected by our panel of judges based on their business potential. Ambitious new approaches to solving old problems count, so are world changing applications of cutting edge technology. There are few wrong answers here. Apply Today! **All submissions must be received by March 1st, 2014.**