Replacing a Legacy Library Catalog with the Redis Library Service Platform

Jeremy Nelson

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While commercial software for libraries tend to be complicated and expensive that do not support most modern metadata standards, the open-source Redis Library Services Platform offers an alternative with lightweight HTML5 apps that interact with either a single or cluster Redis datastore.


Academic, public, K-12, and special libraries, normally use complicated and expensive vendor enterprise products for managing their collections of books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, and online resources. The [Redis Library Services Platform]( is an open-source bibliographic and semantic web platform being developed by the Tutt Library at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The platform consists of two open-source projects; the [Aristotle Library App]( and the [BIBFRAME Datastore]( The Aristotle Library Apps project uses [Django](, [Bootstrap](, [Knockout.js](, to provide HTML5 and JSON interfaces to either a single [Redis]( instance or to a cluster of Redis instances.