Gaming on the Raspberry Pi...with Python

Shea Silverman

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This is a live interactive demo of PiMAME. The pre built Raspberry Pi OS made for gaming and emulation, with help from Python Emulated Systems: MAME - AdvanceMAME & MAME4ALL CPS I & II - Final Burn Alpha Neo Geo - GNGeo PSX - pcsx-reARMed SNES - SNES9x Gameboy - Gearboy GBA - GPSP ScummVM Atari 2600 - Stella Cavestory - NXEngine Commodore 64 - VICE


This will be a poster session with a live interactive demo of my Raspberry Pi distro called PiMAME. PiMAME is an open source project that I have created that makes it quick and easy to get a full gaming system running on the Raspberry Pi. The menu system is written in Python. It includes a web frontend for uploading roms and doing basic system administration. Included emulators: - AdvanceMAME & MAME4ALL - Final Burn Alpha - GNGeo - pcsx-reARMed - SNES9x - Gearboy - GPSP - ScummVM - Stella - NXEngine - VICE In the past 4 months, PiMAME was downloaded 18,000 times. PiMAME was also demoed at the Orlando Science Center during the Countdown to Mini Maker Faire Saturdays.![][1]![][2] [1]: [2]: