PyLadies Auction

<div style="float: right; margin-left: 30px;"> <img src="" width="200"/> <br /> <br /> <div align="center"><i>Python cuff links from 2014</i></div> <br /> </div> We are proud to announce the Seventh Annual PyCon Charity Auction. PyCon 2016’s auction was a huge success raising over $14K for PyLadies on over 40 items from sponsors and fellow attendees were auctioned off. This is a fun and entertaining way to support the PyLadies community. A good sense of humor is recommended and bidding is not required. The PyLadies Auction is taking place **Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 6:30pm Room F149-F152** in the Oregon Convention Center. A small cover charge is required for refreshments, and can be paid as part of your PyCon registration or at the auction door. <center> <img src=""> <br> <br> <i>PyCon 2013 Charity Auction</i> </center> ### Participants Here is a list of sponsors contributing to the seventh annual PyCon Charity Auction! **Companies and Organizations** - [Walt Disney Animation Studios]( - [TwoBraidsStudio]( - [Buzzfeed]( - [Heroku]( - [Facebook]( - [Wingware]( - [DataCamp]( - [Booz Allen Hamilton]( - [Microbit]( - [PyCascades]( - [Capital One]( - [Northeastern University-Seattle]( - [Patreon]( - [Double Negative Visual Effects]( - [American Greetings]( - [O'Reilly Media]( - [Open Source Bridge]( - [CLEpy (The Cleveland Python Meetup)]( - [No Starch Press]( - [PSF]( - [Write the Docs]( - [Stixnstrings]( - John Morrissey / Stained Silicon - Katie McLaughlin - Katie Cunningham - Mahdi Yusuf and Mike Grouchy - Anna Ossowski - Gregory P. Smith - Mazhalai Chellathurai - Kushal Das - Dr. Barb Mattson - Meagan Sneeringer **[Email us to donate!](** Sponsors will have the opportunity to donate auction items for the event. If you have any questions on the auction or are interested in participating, please contact our Auction Coordinators, [Jackie Kazil & Lynn Root]( Contributing sponsors will be highlighted in the marketing of the event and also during the event. Proceeds will go to PyLadies. <br> <center> <img src=""> <br> <br> <i>PyCon 2017 - Disney's Signed Moana Artwork</i> </center>