May 17, 2017

  Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7 Room 8 Room 9
09:00AM Beginning Python Bootcamp Matt Harrison
Web programming from the beginning Thomas Ballinger, Rose Ames
An introduction to secure web development with Django and Python James Bennett
Contract-First API Development Using The OpenAPI Specification (Swagger) Dave Forgac, Ian Zelikman
Cross-platform Native GUI development with BeeWare Russell Keith-Magee
Using Functional Programming for efficient Data Processing and Analysis Reuben Cummings
Exploratory data analysis in python Chloe Mawer, ?, Jonathan Whitmore
Fantastic Data and Where To Find Them: An introduction to APIs, RSS, and Scraping Nicole Donnelly, Tony Ojeda, Will Voorhees
Network Analysis Made Simple Eric J. Ma, Mridul Seth
12:20PM Lunch
01:20PM Decorators and descriptors decoded Luciano Ramalho
Microservices with Python and Flask Miguel Grinberg
How to Write and Debug C Extension Modules Joe Jevnik
Readable Regular Expressions Trey Hunner The tutorial session Mike Bright, Haïkel Guémar, Mario Loriedo
Time Series Analysis Aileen Nielsen
Introduction to Statistical Modeling with Python Christopher Fonnesbeck
bokeh: Data Visualization in Python Chalmer Lowe
Complexity Science Allen Downey, Jason Woodard

May 18, 2017

  Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7 Room 8 Room 9
09:00AM Hands-On Intro to Python for New Programmers Trey Hunner
Let's build a web framework! Jacob Kaplan-Moss
Faster Python Programs - Measure, don't Guess Mike Müller
Deploy and scale containers with Docker native, open source orchestration Jerome Petazzoni, AJ Bowen
Creating And Consuming Modern Web Services with Twisted Moshe Zadka, Glyph
Intro to Bayesian Machine Learning with PyMC3 and Edward Torsten Scholak, Diego Maniloff
IPython and Jupyter in Depth: High productivity, interactive Python Matthias Bussonnier, ?, Mike Bright, Min Ragan-Kelley
Mastering scipy.spatial Tyler Reddy
Build a data pipeline with Luigi Aaron Knight
12:20PM Lunch
01:20PM Python Epiphanies Stuart Williams
Django Admin: Basics and Beyond Kenneth Love
Intermediate Python Bootcamp Matt Harrison
Effectively running python applications in Kubernetes/OpenShift Maciej Szulik
Introduction to Digital Signal Processing Allen Downey
IoT Lab with Micropython and Friends Sev Leonard
Parallel Data Analysis Ben Zaitlen, Matthew Rocklin, Min Ragan-Kelley, Olivier Grisel
Best Testing Practices for Data Science Eric J. Ma, ?
Applied Modern Cryptography in Python Amirali Sanatinia
06:00PM Opening Reception (Expo Hall)