* <a href="/2017/venue#Center">Convention Center</a> * <a href="/2017/venue#Hotels">Conference Hotels</a> <blockquote><b>Warning — Beware of Housing Pirates!</b> PyCon and our registrar, Conference Technology Enhancements (CTE), have learned that attendees and exhibitors have been contacted by a third party agency urging them to book accommodations for the conference through them. Please be aware that this is a scam, as these rooms are usually offered at higher rates, are non-refundable and/or carry a significant cancellation penalty. CTE is the only official housing agency for PyCon. Neither CTE nor PyCon is calling delegates to sell rooms. If you are contacted by an agency other than CTE offering to make your hotel reservations, we urge you to not use their services. We cannot protect you against them if you do book a reservation. PyCon and the PSF is not responsible for any hotel reservations made outside of the official housing bureau. Only book hotel reservations through our <a href="/2017/registration/register">registration site</a> to ensure you receive the conference rate and are guaranteed a hotel room.</blockquote> # Convention Center <a id="Center"></a> From the start of tutorials to the close of sprints, PyCon 2017 is taking place at the Oregon Convention Center north of downtown Portland, across the Willamette River at the east end of the Steel Bridge (Route&nbsp;99W). The map below shows the convention center in relation to the several conference hotels, that you can read more about below. **Oregon Convention Center**<br> 777 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd<br> Portland, OR 97232<br> []( <div class="map-container"> <iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe> </div> <small><a href="" style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left">View PyCon 2017 in a larger map</a></small> Listed below are the hotels with which PyCon has negotiated discount rates. These conference rates are **only available** to attendees of the PyCon conference who make reservations **through our conference registration site.** # Hotels <a id="Hotels"></a> <big>NOTE: all PyCon hotel blocks are sold out. We recommend searching online for available hotels.</big> <DIV class="hotel"> ### Crowne Plaza<br> SOLD OUT<br> 1441 NE 2nd Avenue<br> Portland, OR 97232 **$169** <small>USD</small>/night (plus tax) [Website]( </DIV><DIV class="hotel"> ### Courtyard Marriott<br> SOLD OUT<br> 435 NE Wasco Street Portland, OR 97232 **$165** <small>USD</small>/night (plus tax) [Website]( </DIV><DIV class="hotel"> ### Doubletree by Hilton SOLD OUT<br> 1000 NE Multnomah<br> Portland, OR 97232 **$154** <small>USD</small>/night (plus tax) [Website]( </DIV><DIV class="hotel"> ### Hilton (Downtown) SOLD OUT<br> 921 SW 6th Ave.<br> Portland, OR 97204 **$179** <small>USD</small>/night (plus tax) [Website]( </DIV><DIV class="hotel"> ### Hotel Eastlund SOLD OUT<br> 1021 NE Grand Avenue Portland, OR 97232 **$188** <small>USD</small>/night (plus tax) [Website]( </DIV><DIV class="hotel"> ### Portland Marriott City Center SOLD OUT<br> 520 SW Broadway Portland, OR 97205 **$189** <small>USD</small>/night (plus tax) [Website]( </DIV><DIV class="hotel"> ### The Jupiter Hotel 800 E. Burnside St. Portland OR 97214 **$179** <small>USD</small>/night (plus tax) [Website]( </DIV><DIV class="hotel"> ###Courtyard by Marriott Portland City Center SOLD OUT<br> 550 SW Oak Street Portland, Oregon 97204 **$179** <small>USD</small>/night (plus tax) [Website]( </DIV> <DIV class="hotel"> ### Benson Hotel SOLD OUT<br> 309 SW Broadway Portland, OR 97205 **$179** <small>USD</small>/night (plus tax) [Website]( </DIV> The hotels this year vary in distance from the convention center: * The Hotel Eastlund is about a 3-minute walk from the venue - located across the street. * The Crowne Plaza, Courtyard Marriott, and DoubleTree are another block or two away, within a 10-minute walk of the conference center. * PyCon has become a large enough conference that we need many hotels this year! The Hilton, Marriott Portland City Center, Courtyard Marriott City Center, The Benson are all across the river in downtown Portland — about a 30-minute walk, or ~15 minutes away if you take public transportation. **Please note that those that book housing through our registration site will get a complimentary public transportation pass for the duration of the conference**. You will pick up your passes at registration when you check in to pick up your badge. - <a href=",+777+Northeast+Martin+Luther+King+Junior+Boulevard,+Portland,+OR+97232/Hilton+Portland+%26+Executive+Tower,+Southwest+6th+Avenue,+Portland,+OR/@45.5213221,-122.6803443,15z/data=!4m15!4m14!1m5!1m1!1s0x5495a0adc5ff1af5:0x610cf37babf5b9df!2m2!1d-122.6630186!2d45.5280879!1m5!1m1!1s0x54950a0516efe13b:0x4806192199eb9892!2m2!1d-122.679929!2d45.517524!3e3!5i2">see the options on Google Maps on how to get to/from the Hilton</a> - <a href=",+777+Northeast+Martin+Luther+King+Junior+Boulevard,+Portland,+OR+97232/520+SW+Broadway,+Portland,+OR+97205/@45.5239897,-122.6798303,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x5495a0adc5ff1af5:0x610cf37babf5b9df!2m2!1d-122.6630186!2d45.5280879!1m5!1m1!1s0x54950a0442c18513:0xd498a9b0c4b55f3f!2m2!1d-122.678692!2d45.5203925!3e3">see options on Google Maps on how to get to/from the Marriott Portland City Center</a> - <a href="">See options on Google Maps on how to get to/from the Courtyard Marriott City Center</a> - <a href="">See options on Google Maps on how to get to/from The Benson Hotel</a> - The Hilton and the Courtyard Portland City Center are the closest hotels to downtown venues including those where the evening dinners will take place. * Everyone that is staying at a conference hotel (booked through the conference website) will get a complimentary week-long ticket for the TriMet public transportation system in Portland. These tickets will be distributed at registration when you pick up your badge. Are you **looking for a roommate** to share the cost of a hotel room? Head over to the [Room Sharing]( page to find other members of the community who are also looking to share! When you complete your registration for PyCon 2017, the registration site will let you book your hotel reservation through our official housing bureau. This is the **only way to get the conference rate** listed below.