The Testing BOF

Thanks to generous sponsorship from [Heroku](, we are excited to announce that PyCon 2017 will feature the return of the legendary Testing BOF! <img src=""> If you want to attend, all that’s necessary is to [go ahead and sign up for free on Eventbrite]( and then be sure to be at **McMenamins Crystal Ballroom at 9:30pm on Friday evening** — the first night of the main three PyCon 2017 conference days. From 9:30pm–11:30pm that Friday night, McMenamins Crystal Ballroom will be sparkling with the wit and technical wisdom of quick talks covering Python, testing, and the terrain in between at this high-velocity lightning-talk-style event. This popular birds-of-a-feather (BOF) session provides a late evening of lightning talks and socializing for those who write tests, maintain testing frameworks, complain about testing frameworks, or who are simply testing-curious. * This is an official PyCon event and is governed by our [Code of Conduct]( * Thanks to Heroku, drink tickets and snacks will both be provided! Attendees will need a conference badge and an Eventbrite registration to enter the event. * If you are interested and will be able to make it across town to the Ballroom on Friday night, then simply sign up on Eventbrite and we will hold a spot for you! * Again, please plan ahead, since McMenamins Crystal Ballroom is across downtown Portland from the main PyCon venue. The ballroom’s address is 1332 West Burnside Street, about 8 minutes by car or 22 minutes by light rail from the Portland Convention Center where PyCon itself is held. You will probably want to wrap up your day at the Convention Center, head somewhere across the river for a quick dinner, then aim to be at the Ballroom by 9:30pm. We again want to thank Heroku, and we hope that the return of this BOF will spur the development of even more of the sort of tools, techniques, and practices that will make Python software renowned across the world for being dependable and robust. Obey the goat — attend the BOF!