The PyCon 2017 Job Fair will take place on Sunday, May 21, 2017 from 10:00am to 1:00pm in Exhibit Hall A/B — Oregon Convention Center. New for 2017: the job fair is not only open to conference attendees, but to the public! Tickets are available online. For those looking for jobs, please bring resumes and business cards. Participating Sponsors: ActiveState — 28<br> Ansible (by Red Hat) — 1<br> Astrohaus — 47<br> AWS Infrastructure — 18<br> Bonsai — 42<br> Booz Allen Hamilton — 20<br> BuzzFeed — 15<br> Caktus Group — 24<br> Capital One — 37<br> Chicory — 53<br> DataCamp Inc — 4<br> Datadog — 10<br> Deepgram — 48<br> Demonware — 25<br> Docker — 21<br> Double Negative Visual Effects — 4<br> — 51<br> FOSSA — 54<br> Fusionbox — 17<br> Google — 36<br> HIRED — 32<br> HouseCanary — 3<br> Hudson River Trading LLC — 42<br> Hulu — 8<br> Indeed Prime — 5<br> Intel — 13<br> JP Morgan Chase & Co. — 30<br> KITT.AI — 50<br> Leadpages — 44<br> Leaflink — 46<br> LinkedIn — 12<br> Lyft, Inc — 26<br> Metapipe — 55<br> Metis — 2<br> Microsoft — 16<br> New Relic — 6<br> Nylas — 27<br> OfferUp — 34<br> OpenEye Scientific Software — 31<br> Patreon — 29<br> Peloton Interactive, Inc. — 33<br> Phobio — 22<br> Pluralsight — 40<br> — 45<br> Research Affiliates — 43<br> Robinhood — 39<br> Sauce Labs — 35<br> Shippo — 23<br> Six Foot — 19<br> Sqreen — 9<br> SurveyMonkey — 38<br> Twist Bioscience — 49<br> UnifyID — 52<br> Venmo / Braintree — 11<br> Walt Disney Animation Studios — 7<br> Yelp — 14

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AMAZING WORKS HERE – AND WE WANT MORE OF IT Today is a good day to discover with us more of what makes you amazing. Creating and extending computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on Earth--that's our vision, is it yours? We are changing the world at Intel. Through our technical innovation, our endless efforts in education, environmental sustainability, healthcare, and much, much more. Step inside our world and you’ll find one brilliant mind after another working together in a spirit of collaboration that is simply contagious. And through this shared dedication—this culture of innovation and exploration—we do more than deliver the latest technologies. We deliver the future. See for yourself. Look Inside. What better place to build your future than with the team creating it? Find your amazing with us. Come visit us at our booth at the PyCon Job Fair on Sunday! Let’s stay in touch. Share your information with us by signing up on the following link to be a part of our contact list.

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SurveyMonkey is the world's leading provider of web-based survey solutions, and we’re looking to transform the way people make decisions. We're a smart, passionate group of people who work hard to deliver the best survey experiences on the planet, period. We believe everyone deserves easy access to the information and insights they need to make great decisions. We're also proud to admit that despite our incredible growth over the past 17 years, we refuse to grow up. We stay curious. We believe in good ol’ roll-up-your-sleeves scrappiness. Everyone plays an impactful role, because we’re here to make a difference. And when we say good ideas can come from anyone, we mean it. SurveyMonkey is trusted by millions of customers, including 99% of the Fortune 500, as well as other businesses, academic institutions and organizations of all shapes and sizes. We collect over 3 million survey responses daily from people in all countries around the world. Come visit us at the PyCon Job Fair on Sunday, May 21 to learn more about our open roles! Software Engineer: Senior Front End Engineer: Senior Software Engineer: Software Engineer - i18n:

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Hi there! Every day, our email platform built with Python syncs millions of emails for our customers. The platform is growing quickly, and we could use some help scaling it up! If this sounds interesting to you, our <a href="">friendly, collaborative crew</a> would love to meet you. 😊 Want more details? Read the full posting here: <a href=" 3e7f64a43900">Infrastructure Engineer</a> And come visit us at our booth at the PyCon Jobs Fair on Sunday! p.s. 30,000 lines of <a href="">open source python</a> and counting

**Senior Software Engineer** We promise you haven’t worked with anyone [like us]( before. We’re a Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN based startup that’s changing the way businesses do marketing, lead generation, and conversion rate optimization online. With a growing team that works closely together, we move fast and enjoy what we do. As a **Senior Python Engineer** on our team, you’ll play an integral part in helping to design, develop, and deliver innovative software solutions to our clients. We are looking for full-stack developers who have focused primarily on web app development and have solid experience building RESTful web services. This position will consist of creating and designing innovative new features, collaborating cross-departmentally, and communicating with our customer base to better understand product direction and goals. Come join the fun and build something great with us! **What you'll do:** Your day-to-day responsibilities will shift and grow but to start with, you will: - Design, develop, and deliver amazing software solutions - Encourage and promote innovation, development best practices, and solid lifecycle processes - Collaborate with your team on work definition, estimation, and prioritization - you’ll be part of a small team that enjoys a lot of autonomy - Participate in tooling, library, and framework research and discussion - Learn and grow as a professional software engineer, and help other engineers grow through mentoring and pair programming **What you've done:** You have a unique combination of skills, talents, and mindset, including: - You are fluent in Python or other similar languages (7+ years) and building RESTful Web Services (2+ years) - Deep experience building RESTful APIs. - Experience working in an iterative development environment - Hands-on experience creating and maintaining unit, integration, or performance tests - Working knowledge of non-relational databases (e.g. Cassandra, Redis, MongoDB) - Strong written and verbal communication skills - Flexibility, patience, and ability to adapt in a rapidly evolving organization - Self-starter, team player, and a knack for taking on complex engineering challenges - Meticulous attention to detail; working knowledge of QA principles and best-practices **Bonus Points** - Experience with Google Cloud Platform, Git, TDD - Strong presence in the wider development community, either through open source work or participation in local meetups and events. **Who we are:** To learn more about our people, we invite you to visit our [Instagram](, [Facebook](, and [About]( pages. We consider working for a promising startup to be a lifestyle choice rather than a job choice. Our positions are challenging, but also come with amazing advantages and fulfillment to those who earn them. If you bring your ‘A game’ to the table, here’s what we’ll bring: - Competitive pay, benefits, and equity. - 2 (yes, two) work-from-home days per week. - A gorgeous, bright office, conveniently located in Downtown Minneapolis. - A fully-stocked snack bar and drink fridge to keep you fueled. - Relocation reimbursement, as needed. Please note that residence in or relocation to Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN is our one non-negotiable. - The chance to learn from some of the best people in the business, including [our fiercely compassionate leadership team]( - Career development isn’t just idle chit-chat but a true reality! In 2015, we were thrilled to give promotions to 20% of our stellar employees. - Challenging and meaningful problems to solve - you will invariably make a difference and impact. - A vibrant and devoted team, who still finds time for fun. - No politics, no B.S., and no jerks. At Leadpages, we strive to create an inclusive workplace that upholds the dignity of all people. We value, respect, and celebrate everyone’s individualities and honor their unique strengths from all different walks of life. We believe that embracing diversity of thought and perspective encourages collaboration that leads to product (and people!) innovation, diverse products and a successful business. **Sound like you?** To apply, please submit your tailored resume, a link to your LinkedIn profile, and a cover letter explaining why you feel you are a skill and culture match for this position [HERE]( Thanks for checking us out - we look forward to hearing from you!

Come help us on our mission to make software less bad! Take a look at our <a href="">roles</a> and drop us a line: Sales: * Sales Engineer: []( Marketing: * Developer Evangelist: []( Sales: * Account Executive: []( Engineering: * Product Engineer: []( * Growth Engineer: []( * Platform Engineer - Java: []( * Platform Engineer - .NET: []( * Platform Engineer - PHP: []( * Security Engineer: []( * Operations Engineer: []( * Platform Engineer - Python: []( * Senior JavaScript Engineer: []( Design: * Senior Visual Designer: []( * Product Designer: []( Customer Success: * Customer Success Manager: []( About us: Sentry provides open source error tracking that shows you every crash in your stack as it happens, with the details needed to prioritize, identify, reproduce, and fix each issue. It also gives you information your support team can use to reach out to and help those affected and tools that let users send you feedback for peace of mind. Each month we process billions of exceptions from the most popular products on the internet.

ActiveState Software - Founding Sponsor of the PSF

ACTIVESTATE SOFTWARE - NOW HIRING! OUR VALUES We have a mindset for growth and play an active role growing the use of Perl, Python, and Tcl in communities and within enterprises. We value working with others and work cooperatively as a team, with our customers and partners, and with the open source community. We are passionate about learning to grow, expand our horizons, and innovate. We are driven to make a difference in the communities we serve. OUR COMMITMENT TO OPEN SOURCE We are firmly rooted and committed to the open source dynamic language as supporters and contributors. Our technical leaders and engineers are core contributors to open source, including the Perl, Python, and Tcl language distributions. With this deep expertise, they provide technical support and services to our enterprise customers. We provide many solutions free to the community, including the Community Edition language distributions of ActivePerl, ActivePython and ActiveTcl. We also provide the Python-based Komodo IDE and Edit. In 2017, we are adding ActiveGo, ActiveRuby, ActiveNode and ActiveLua to our stack; it's an exciting time to join our team! OUR CUSTOMERS ActiveState customers include leading companies in high-tech, financial services, aerospace and defense such as CA, Cisco, Credit Suisse, Bank of America, Lockheed Martin, GE Aviation, and more. CURRENT ROLES We are currently recruiting for the following positions--some are based in our beautiful Vancouver, BC, office, and others we will consider remote team members for. Please check for details: * Senior Developer (full-time, allows remote) - * Software Development Team Lead: Open Source Languages (full-time, allows remote) - * QA/Support Team Lead for Open Source Languages (full-time, allows remote) - * Developer/Evangelist (full-time, allows remote) - * Part-Time High-Tech Marketing Manager (part-time, in house) - Apply to join our team online, and stop by booth 310 to ask us about ActiveState (or booth 28 at the job fair on Sunday). We'd love to meet you!

**Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid!** We strive to provide creators with insight, education, and tools that make it fast and easy to run a business as a professional creator, so that creators can focus on making art. If this mission resonates with you, check out our career opportunities below and come join us!. **Patreon aspires to be among the tech industry’s most inclusive work environments.** A diversity of perspectives will help us build for our diverse community of creators and patrons, and enable us to best accomplish our mission of funding the creative class. To learn how we're working towards this, check it out here (! **We work hard to maintain a bottom-up decision-making culture.** We empower our employees by providing a clear vision and tools to fulfill that vision. We believe that hiring smart, ambitious people and giving them strong ownership of their work leads to the best results. **We make it easy to make Patreon better.** We build fast and emphasize shipping. We use continuous deployment to ship 30-40x / day. Our work culture is very autonomous. You self-assign to projects you are most passionate about, fix problems as you see fit, and collaborate with the rest of the company to ship your code. ####Open Roles []( Senior Software Engineer, API &amp; Server: []( - Develop features and tools for the Patreon community that can scale. - Review code and advocate for best practices across the engineering organization. - Work with Python, Flask, MySQL, AWS, and introduce other technologies when it makes sense. Senior Software Engineer, Web: [ ]( - Experience owning, shipping, and iterating on web products that have reached a large amount of users. - Lead development of critical projects, working with and mentoring other engineers. - A deep understanding of the best practices in client-side web development and architecture. (performance auditing, accessibility etc…) Present learnings, review code, and advocate for best practices across the engineering organization. Senior DevOps Engineer: []( - Create and administer infrastructure -- cloud services, hosts, monitoring tools -- for highly reliable and scalable web applications and data stores. - Troubleshoot issues in our stack related to outages and performance. - Work closely with peers in security and engineering to tailor solutions to company needs. - Train and mentor colleagues on topics like system usage, best practices, and debugging. Engineering Manager: []( - Experience building out and managing technical teams. - Help employees advance their skills and careers. - Constantly improve our team practices.

### Position Summary Candidate will contribute to the development of our existing Python Sqreen Agent. Our agents are running into our customers' applications. Candidate will face complex technical challenges to keep a minimal impact on performance. Candidate will be responsible for designing and developing key Sqreen features for client-side security components, as well as backend infrastructure, leveraging deep expertise in the field of software instrumentation and advanced debugging. [This blog post is a technical, high-level overview of our Python agent.]( Code will reach production fast using modern development methods and tools. Sqreen platform brings cutting edge technologies to solve complex issues in the simplest form. Candidate will have a high consideration of reliability, low latency, redundancy, and security. Our engineers have deep impacts on our products and contribute to protecting millions of products. The candidate will be a key contributor to the engineering team at Sqreen, delivering the best solutions to protect applications. ### Responsibilities &amp; Technical Qualifications #### Responsibilities will include: - Developing and maintaining our Python agent features - Integrating state of the art security rules with open-source frameworks and libraries - Ensuring compatibility given a complex matrix of versions and flavors - Producing technical documentation with shipped software components #### Qualifications wanted: - Strong knowledge of low-level Python features, like import hooks, executing code before interpreter start or hot-reload monkey patching - Experience with Python in web environments - Experience with at least one framework amongst Django, Flask, and Pyramid is a plus - Bachelor's or Master's degree in computer science or computer engineering #### [Apply Here](


Robinhood is an engineering-centric fintech company seeking to improve access to the financial markets. The backend team at Robinhood is the largest team and seeks to fully replicate the functionality of brokerages through our Robinhood API. **What Sets Us Apart:** * High standard of engineering quality. * Solve unique scalability challenges. * Learn how the US financial system works on the inside. * High impact roles at a relatively small company for our user base. **As a Backend Engineer You’ll:** * Have a dedicated mentor in the first months who will review your code and help you get ramped up. * Build, test, and release product-facing features with stringent correctness and scalability requirements. These features could be related to market data, trading, accounting, authentication, or security. * Design a solution with other engineers and the ops team to fix a scalability problem and then implement it. * Work with our frontend team to fine tune our REST API. * Collaborate with our data team to support millions of customers. * Contribute to open source projects. **Some skills we consider critical to being a Backend Engineer:** * Solid understanding of relational databases and transactions. * Comfortable writing highly concurrent systems. * Good intuition for REST API design. * Intimate familiarity of Python/Django or Go is a plus. **Core Tech Stack:** * Python/Django, Go as the main languages and frameworks of choice. * PostgreSQL as our primary data store. * Redis and Memcached as our caching layer. * Celery as our task queue using RabbitMQ . You can apply to our open jobs at, or come by to say hello, we'll be at the job fair on Sunday - Booth #39.

OpenEye Scientific has numerous open positions to help us deliver Orion, our SaaS platform for early-stage drug discovery as well improving our toolkits and applications, which power Orion. * Build &amp; Release Engineer * DevOps Engineer * Scientific Software Developer * Software Developer - Solutions Group Join us in sunny Santa Fe, New Mexico Visit to learn more or drop boy our booth or job table.


Software Developer Department: Engineering Status: Full-time Location: Remote Summary: Phobio is based upon a culture of innovation and striving to "Be Better", so we seek out and hire the best. The creatively innovative, the technically insightful, the driven, the self-managed and the value conscious – these are all qualities that we look for along with a love and a passion for the work that we do. We're looking for seasoned Software Developers to join our engineering team. As a Software Developer at Phobio, you’ll be working with a small passionate team to design, develop and implement new products and services. The products you help dream up will have a direct impact on our customers and our business as a whole. Phobio favors simple, thoughtful solutions that solve our customers' problems. Primary Responsibilities • Collaborate with other departments to translate customer feedback into thoughtful, well-considered solutions • Work directly with a small team to design and build new products and services • Improve and maintain features of existing products • Judging development efforts and providing development estimates Experience and Skills Needed • Top-notch programming skills with an ability to produce quality code that is maintainable, efficient, reliable and secure. • Strong development experience in Python &amp; Django (3+ years) • Expertise in Javascript, HTML, and CSS (3+ years) • Experience with *BOTH* front-end &amp; back-end development • Experience with version control (preferably Git) • Able to work in a *nix-based production environment • Experience writing SQL queries is a plus • Preferred: Contributions to Open-Source projects Qualifications • Possess superior teamwork and communication skills • Proactive self-starter who works well independently as well as part of a team • Must be creative, pragmatic, knowledgeable and a well-rounded individual • An almost perfectionist attention to detail is a must • Candidates applying as a remote engineer *MUST* have verifiable team- based remote development experience to be considered Product Designer Department: Engineering Status: Full-time Location: Remote** **Summary:** Phobio is based upon a culture of innovation and striving to “Be Better,” so we seek out and hire the best. The creatively innovative, the technically insightful, the driven, the self-managed and the value conscious – these are all qualities that we look for along with a love and a passion for the work that we do. We are seeking a Product Designer who will be involved in every aspect of the product development process. You will be expected to utilize your full range of product design, interaction design, and visual design skills. **We are highly interested in candidates who:** * Have a knack for design * Can adapt designs across platforms and form factors with an understanding of the opportunities with and limitations of different platforms and form factors * Have demonstrated communication skills and can articulate your design decisions * Obsess over details and are excited to polish until your work is pixel-perfect * Constantly push limits and search for opportunities to become better * Have team collaboration skills that are unparalleled * Thrive in an environment with short feedback loops If that sounds like you, keep reading we have an exciting opportunity to join a fast paced, super smart, cutting edge, agile team. **The Task at Hand:** * Take broad, conceptual ideas and turn them into something useful and valuable for users * Design flows and experiences that are incredibly simple and elegant for our supported mobile platforms * Seek out creative, design-led solutions to challenging problems * Partner with other designers and engineers to oversee the user experience of new features and products from conception until launch and beyond * Think at a high level about creative strategy and vision (not just 'how it should look' but 'what we should build') * Be actively involved in defining product strategy * Thinking in terms of design systems and making rational design decisions Ideal Candidate will have: * 2+ years of application design * 2+ years of visual design * 2+ years of interaction design * Communication skills * Experience with front-end programming * Demonstrated strategic product thinking and vision Be sure to stop by Booth 22 at the Job Fair during the conference. If you want to connect before, or feel free to email our People Team at **Why Phobio?** Every day we ask ourselves, how can we “Be Better?” We first answer that question by hiring exceptional talent and empowering them to lend their entrepreneurial passion to our culture of innovation. Not only to we look to make Phobio better, but the community as well by giving back through our Corporate Responsibility efforts. At the end of the day, people matter so we are deliberate in taking care of our people with 100% paid health benefits, by providing access to learning and development resources and offering a flexible work environment.


Bugsnag helps teams build better software by providing automatic error monitoring for web, mobile, desktop, and server apps. Half of a typical software engineer's time is spent finding and fixing bugs; we aim to bring that number as close to zero as possible so developers can ship better software and spend more time on feature development. To do this, we give our users instantly visibility into where their code is not executing as expecting. We measure the user impact of these errors and collect all related error and diagnostic data to give our users the information they need to understand which application errors really matter and need fixing. We have 3,500 customers in the developer space including companies such as AirBnB, Pandora, Lyft, Yelp and Docker. * Customer Engineer UK - []( * Director of Infrastructure Engineering - []( * Open Source Engineer - []( * Software Engineer UK - []( * Developer Community Manager - [](

Twist Bioscience

Twist Bioscience is a disruptive synthetic biology startup that already collected big name customers. Our goal is to build the most powerful online platform backed by by our unique high-throughput DNA synthesis technology. We want to make DNA synthesis as easy as ordering everyday products with the smoothest end-to-end user experience. As a Software Engineer at Twist, you will be working on systems driving our synthetic DNA manufacturing. You will have the opportunity to work in a small agile team of highly skilled engineers and interact daily with our production, finance, bio and e-commerce team. If you are motivated and want to be part of the synthetic biology revolution, this is the place you will have a high-impact. In 20 years, when some of the most dangerous disease will have been eliminated, data is routinely stored on DNA and plastics are replaced with biodegradables made from air cleaning organisms, you will tell people you were the pioneer. We are located in San Francisco with great views of downtown and the bay. We currently have openings for the following positions: * Sr Python Software Engineer - []( * Python Software Engineer - []( * Sr Full Stack Software Engineer - []( * Software Engineer, Robotics - []( * Want more details? Come meet us in person! We will be at exhibition booth #148 and job fair booth #49

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Doctor On Demand is hiring for a number of engineering positions as well as positions in other departments. You can find the full list at our careers page: About Doctor On Demand Doctor On Demand’s mission is to improve the world’s health through compassionate care and innovation. We believe that health is personal, and means so much more than treating illness. We're proud of the care we've provided over the years and the relationships we’ve developed with our patients, as evidenced by the 5-star reviews we continually receive. People use our service to gain access to some of the best physicians and licensed therapists in the country, all whenever and wherever is most convenient. It’s as simple as opening the Doctor On Demand app on a smartphone or computer. Through live video visits, our hand-picked, US-trained doctors take patient history, perform an exam, and recommend a treatment plan. Prescriptions, if needed, go directly to the pharmacy of choice. While insurance isn’t required, tens of millions of Americans enjoy covered medical and mental health visits through employer and health plan partnerships. To learn more about the hundreds of medical issues we treat, visit us at About Engineering Our platform offers a dramatically improved provider technology experience as compared to brick-and-mortar medical offices. Our technology is one of the main reasons we have a very high net promoter score with our providers (physicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists) who say they would recommend a colleague to work for Doctor on Demand. Our patients rate our app as an average of 4.7 out of 5 after 14,000 reviews. Our initial product offering was built for the purpose of video visits and technology is at the core of the company mission and purpose. Both our providers and our patients have a strong voice when it comes to product development. We value our customer feedback and integrate it into our development methods and decisions each day.