* <a href="/2017/venue/accessibility#OCC"> Oregon Convention Center Map</a> * <a href="/2017/venue/accessibility#Hotles"> Hotels</a> * <a href="/2017/venue/accessibility#FAQ"> Accessibility FAQ</a> The Oregon Convention Center <a id="OCC"></a> --------------------------------------------- This is the main venue for the conference where all sessions will take place. The Oregon Convention Center is in compliance with all Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. Below is a map showing elevator locations, accessible bathrooms, accessible doors, and first aid. ![][1] ![][2] ![][3] PyCon Hotels <a id="Hotels"></a> -------------------- All of our hotels are also in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. The hotels will provide maps upon request for the following: * Elevator Location * Accessible bathroom locations * Accessible door locations * Ramp locations If you require an ADA compliant hotel room, please email us to let us know as each hotel has a limited number available. Anyone who has special accessibility requests can email us at []( Accessibility FAQ <a id="FAQ"></a> ------------------------ This FAQ covers accessibility information for the PyCon. The PyCon committee recognizes that accessibility is a continuous process, both systemic and individual. If you have specific questions or accessibility needs not covered here, please [email us]( **Q: Will the conference venues be accessible for people with mobility impairments (e.g. wheelchair-accessible)?** A: Yes. The Oregon Convention Center does have 5 elevators available to get to the lower level or the Portland Ballroom level. See map above, the green circles designate the elevators. **Q: I plan to attend the conference with an attendant. Do attendants need to register separately? Will food and other resources be provided for attendants as well?** A: Please register your attendant by contacting us. All resources will be available to the attendant. **Q: Will there be captioning?** A: The main conference (May 19 - 21) will have captioning. The tutorials (May 17 - 18) will not. If you need interpreters for the tutorials, please [email us]( **Q: What about interpreters?** A: We do not have interpreters at the conference, unless we are notified that interpreters have to be scheduled. If you need interpreters during the conference, [please let us know]( **Q: Where do I mention accessibility requests?** A: Ewa and Emily are happy to help! You can [email us]( your requests. [1]: [2]: [3]: