Earning with a capital L

Charles Cossé, Kirby Urner


###Audience * Current and aspiring Edu-FLS developers; * Parents and teachers; ###Objectives * Discussion of a Django-powered eco-system which compensates Edu-FLS developers * Explain platform benefits from parent/child/developer perspectives * To generate interest and discussion within the Python community * To interact with interested python community members ###Abstract Requiring kids to earn their internet access from a self-serve education platform can serve as an effective means to supplement their education and develop a host of other life-skills, such as time management, accountability and attention to detail. The desire for credits serves as a single point of motivation which can be harnessed to teach any subject matter through well-designed activities. Enabling parents to control distribution of a subscription fee to activity developers of their choice keeps the user and developer communities connected with value flowing in both directions. Requiring FLS licensing and usability outside of this Django-powered credit-earning platform stimulates development of Edu-FLS software which thereby empowers children everywhere. ###Outline * Large infographic with sub-graphics illustrating individual aspects of the platform. * Elaboration of potential subtle benefits delivered through applications * Elaboration of subtle benefits delivered through platform * Discussion of un-realized potential in all subject areas * Historical account of platform development