Feeling Down? You're Not Alone! Tech Burnout and Mental Health

Kara Eads


Most people know that tech burnout is related to mental health symptoms like depression and isolation. But did you know tech burnout has been linked to increased ocular problems such as eye strain, irritation, burning sensation, redness, and blurred vision? Tech burnout in the form of emotional exhaustion has also been linked to musculoskeletal pain. Career tech stress has been shown to correlate with increased divorce rates and alcohol and drug use. If you’re feeling burnt out, the good news is, you are normal! Many people in the tech field are in the same boat at one time or another in their careers. Burnout in the tech field can be particularly extreme due to the high-pressure nature of the work. This poster session will cover early warning signs of burnout, symptoms of burnout, and most importantly, techniques you can use to combat burnout. Learn how tech career burnout is related to your overall mental and physical well-being and what you can do to improve your health.